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Congratulations To The Winners Of Docany PDF To Text Converter

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Winners of Docany PDF To Text Converter

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  7. Tom
  8. Ben
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Docany PDF to Text Converter is an efficient and convenient program to convert PDF to Text in batch mode. With a few mouse clicks hundreds of PDF files will be converted to plain text files at one time. So you can easily edit, re-use, re-organize, present, and share your PDF files. Additionally, it doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF plugins to be installed.

Docany PDF to Text Converter Features

Automatic, Fast, Easy to Use

PDF to Text

Batch Conversion

Unicode Support

Support encrypted PDF files

Select certain pages of PDF to convert


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Docany PDF To Text Converter Giveaway

Docany is running a contest, where 10 winners will get the Docany PDF to Text Converter. Well, you guys know what is Docany PDF to Text Converter? Lets say it once again for n00bs.

Docany PDF to Text Converter is an efficient and convenient program to convert PDF to Text in batch mode. With a few mouse clicks hundreds of PDF files will be converted to plain text files at one time. So you can easily edit, re-use, re-organize, present, and share your PDF files. Additionally, it doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF plugins to be installed.

Docany PDF to Text Converter Features

Automatic, Fast, Easy to Use

PDF to Text

Batch Conversion

Unicode Support

Support encrypted PDF files

Select certain pages of PDF to convert


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10 Best Online Tools For Converting Documents

Have a document you or your friend cannot open? No need to worry. The internet has numerous web solutions for this. You can use various websites to convert the format of your documents into something software installed on your computer can open.

We have gathered the top 10 of such web tools and have shared them with you below. Check them out and see which ones suit you best.


With PrimoPDF you can have files converted to PDF with ease. Whether your file is store on your computer or online, you can provide it to Primo, provide it with your email address, and then receive the email notification when the conversion is complete.

Neevia Document Converter

With Neevia you can convert documents into a variety of file formats including images as well as PDF files. For each type of file format you can modify respective advanced options such as resolution and encryption.


DocsPal supports a wide range of document formats for both input and output. It also accepts the URL of online files in addition to getting files from your computer. You can have the files converted on the site and optionally have a download URL emailed to yourself.


DOCX to DOC is a simple web app. Its name says it all – it helps you convert DOCX files into the DOC format.

Word to PDF Converter

Another quite simple to use web app is Word to PDF Converter. Using this app you can quickly convert documents created by Microsoft Word into PDF files online.

Investintech DOCX to DOC

Investintech DOCX to DOC is another online tool that helps convert files from DOCX to the DOC file format. It will be preferred by people who wish not to give out their email address.

PDF to Word Online Converter

You will find numerous Word-to-PDF converters online but something that does the reverse is not that abundant. This is why many people will find PDF to Word Online Converter valuable – because it converts PDF files into Word documents.


If you simply want your PDF files to be converted into images, then this web app should suit you well. Offering a basic interface is lets you quickly convert PDF files into JPG images.


CometDocs lets you create PDF files from existing digital documents that you can upload to the site. You can also get information on the files that you upload.

Adobe CreatePDF

Adobe CreatePDF is for people who want to create PDFs online with a wide range of features at hand. With this web app you will have full control over how the final PDF turns out to be. This is also the only paid application on our list, starting from $9.99 per month.

7 Communication Software That Every Linux User Should Know About

Linux is an excellent open source operating system, but the reason why many people hesitate to try it is because of the limited number applications available. Today, we have gathered a list of useful instant messaging clients which every Linux users should try.

You are welcome if you want to share more communication sofware for linux OS that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at, just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and follow us on Diggas well to get updated.

Kopete Instant Messenger

Kopete is a multi network instant messaging client which supports many services including AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, Novell GroupWise Messenger, and more. Kopete also features tools to enhance your instant messaging experience, such as message encryption, archiving, and many other fun and useful effects.



Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, and video chat and file transfers over many different protocols including Google Talk, MSN, IRC, Salut, AIM, Facebook, Yahoo!, Gadu Gadu, Groupwise, ICQ and QQ.



Pidgin is one of my favorite instant messaging clients which allow users to connect to many chat networks including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk and many more. Other features include file transfers, away messages, buddy icons, custom smilies, and typing notifications. There are numerous plugins available which improves the functionality of the Pidgin.



aMSN is an free open source MSN Messenger clone which allow users to connect to MSN and chat with their friends. Other features include Offline Messaging, Voice Clips, display pictures, custom emoticons, multi-language support (around 40 languages currently supported), webcam support, sign in to more than one account at once, full-speed File transfers, group support and much more.



Gwibber is an open source micro-blogging client which helps users connect to all the popular social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and many more. Other feature of Gwibber include URL shortener, spell checking support, multicolumn interface to view different streams and much more.



xChat is an IRC chat software for Linux which allows you to join multiple chat rooms at the same time, talk publicly, private conversations, file transfers and more.



BitlBee is another excellent open source IM client for Linux which enables users to log in to multiple IM protocols including XMPP/Jabber (including Google Talk), MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM and Twitter.


7 Excellent Windows-Based Tools To Help You Manage Your Routine Activities

There are many Windows-based tools out there for us, but getting by good ones and free is not that easy. That is why I am sharing Seven Excellent Windows-Based Tools To Help You Manage Your Routine Activities. Read each entry in the list and see which one suits your needs best.

You are welcome if you want to share more Windows-based tools that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at, just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter and follow us on Digg as well to get updated.

Kestrel GX

Kestrel GX is a free photo organizer and photo editor that makes it a breeze to manage and edit digital photos! The software supports more than 20 different photo formats including several digital cameras RAW. Kestrel GX is a complete workflow tool packed with lots of useful tools for both amateur and professional photographers.


This is a program for converting image files into PDF files. The program supports converting multiple image files to single or multiple PDFs files. The program also supports image scaling and positioning.


SyncBreeze provides multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, compressed file synchronization, background file synchronization, real-time file synchronization, an option to synchronize specific types of files, user-selectable GUI layouts and allows one to define multiple customizable file synchronization commands making it very simple to synchronize numerous directories, disks or NAS storage devices.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a free powerful tool, that helps you to find and remove duplicate photos on your PC. With this program you can easily clean
up your photo collection from duplicates or even similar images.


VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7). A virtual desktop manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops (also called ‘workspaces’). Virtual desktops are very common in Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow.

Spesoft Image Converter

Spesoft image converter is a free, easy to use, yet substantial utility for batch image, PDF, text and OCR conversion. You can convert between over 75 different
image formats. Including vector formats such as EPS and PDF.


DuckCapture allows you to capture a window or region on your screen, or the contents of a tall web page that scrolls. You can change your captured area
or add more areas to one image, add annotations. When finished, you can save to file, copy to clipboard or print out directly.

The 69 Coolest Apps Of 2010

The year 2010 is almost ended. We have explored and reviewed so many useful tools and resources for you all the year. Today, we are going to take a look on few of the web apps we have featured that we think you would like bookmark for 2011. I hope designers, developers and programmers will like this list, but you can also use them and will love them whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc. They are really amazing in respect to their features. This is the list of 69 Coolest Web Apps Of 2010 at Work. We have categorized them as Web Apps, Desktop Apps and Smartphone/Tablet PC Apps. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

You are welcome if you want to share more cool apps that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

Web Apps is an impromptu meeting space that happens wherever, whenever. It’s getting a second or third pair of eyes on your presentation from across the hall or across the continent. It’s sharing your screen instantly with anyone or everyone to get stuff done, quickly.

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Kodingen is an Online Development Environment including Code Editor, Cloud Hosting, Database Administration, Collaboration, Web based access to file-system, Web based ftp & svn integration.

Read More : 11 Robust Web Based Editors To Code Directly From Your Browser

Write Maps


Write Maps is a free web app which allows its users to create, edit and share sitemaps online. With sitemaps, a blogger can easily plan the layout of their newest website according to its topic and for people who like to work in teams; the ability to collaborate and work on a project on a centrally stored sitemap through Write Maps is a great way to get the job done.

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MyStickies allows you to add sticky notes to webpages while you’re visiting the page and save it for later. The saved web pages can later be reviewed and edited from any other computer. MyStickies not only bookmarks the webpages in its online repository, but also saves the pages on how you tagged content on it and presents it the same way later. MyStickies is completely free to use.

Read More : Awesome (Yet Free) Sticky Note Taking Web Apps You Probably Never Used Before



PhotoPeach is a great free web based slideshow creation service which allows creating, sharing and embedding slideshows online for any type of content which you want. A sign up is required to use the service.

Read More : Ten Best Web Services to Create Free Slideshows Online


Sketchfu is simple drawing website where people can share their drawing with each other.

Read More : Five Excellent (Just For Fun) Websites To Kill Your Boredom


Wix - Create a free website,  Free MySpace layouts & Flash MySpace layouts

With Wix you can create a free website or make your free MySpace layouts and Flash MySpace layouts. It’s the simpler, faster, better way to build & design on the web.

Read More : 13 Easy And Powerful Website Building Tools To Create Your Free Site



HRLocker is low cost HR management software designed for managing employee record and things associated with it. With HRLocker you can streamline annual leave and absence management, manage HR documents online, organize time sheets and generate reports. HRLocker comes with a lot of customization options as well.

Read More : 5 (Free) Handy Business Tools That Employers Can Totally Make Use Of



GoWaza is a web service that helps you plan your travels. You enter your destination, along with arrival and departure dates; consequently a list of nearby hotels and their prices are provided. The locations are marked on a small map that can be enlarged. You can share your created maps and trips with your friends that have accounts on GoWaza.

Read More : 7 Free Tools To Create Maps And Directions Online



Mobyko gives you complete control over your cellphone as it allows you to safely backup your important contacts and their details online, securely in your Mobyko account. It also features live syncing of contacts, phonebook and calendar present in your cellphone in sync with those present online so whether you make changes in one or the other, your data stays consistent throughout.

Read More : 7 Excellent Tools That Make Phone Data Backup Easier Than Ever



NameChk’s feature and usage is quite simple: it simply check for the available of the entered username across many social networking and social bookmarking websites.

Read More : 6 Free Tools To Look For Username Availability On Multiple Social Networks


Tired of printing web pages only to find your printout is full of ads, empty space and other junk you don’t want? PrintWhatYouLike is a free online editor that lets you format any web page for printing in seconds.

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Through Abouthisite you can find out the main details of a site – owner’s name, daily visitors, language, server location, server location’s on a map, thumbnail image of the homepage, and the color composition of the thumbnail image.

Read More : 10 Great Online Tools That Help You Find Out A Lot About Live Websites


Skylight puts powerful but easy-to-use business management tools in the hands of the whole team, in or out of the office. Skylight helps business users achieve success while providing anytime, anywhere access to important business information. Projects, contacts, resources, accounts and files in one place.

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TimsFreeStuff HTML Editor


This real time HTML editor solves the problem of continuously switching between browser windows and provides a live show of what HTML code would look like in a separate preview pane. This solves the problem of first writing the HTML code in the web development software and then testing it in the browser window.

Read More : The Best Online Real-Time HTML Editors Internet Has To Offer


dushare is a simple direct file-file-transfer service. It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as clicking a link. You can send you files to your peers directly (P2P) with no server for upload/download.

Read More : The 7 [More] Best Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files


Qhub is a platform you can use on your blog or website that allows your audience to ask questions and get real answers, it doesn’t just help answer questions it allows a genuine community to develop around your site.

Read More : Five Great Web Apps For People Who Run Professional Websites



SnapBird is a free online tool that helps you search Twitter for things in a much better way than Twitter’s native search allows. Using SnapBird you can search for a particular keyword in a particular Twitter user’s stream. You can also search for items in Tweets with your mentions or in the sent and received DMs (direct messages). In addition to those features, SnapBird lets you search for items in very old Tweets along with the latest ones.

Read More : The 5 Really Useful Twitter Apps You Should Know About

Slide Deck


Slideshows on websites serve an important purpose: they easily let you showcase the latest or the most popular content of your website. Instead of spending a lot of time coding up the slideshow, you can use Slide Deck. Slide Deck will provide you with the slideshow you desire for your website. It comes as a jQuery plug-in and a WordPress plug-in.

Read More : The 5 Must-Have Resources For A Web Designer’s Toolbox



TeamworkPM is an online tool that can help you manage those tasks in an easy manner. No matter how big or small your team, the online service will help you setup a good communicating ground for your team.

Read More : Awesome (Yet Free) Web Apps To Make Project Managers Lives Easier

Webpage Test

Through “Webpage Test” you can set a number of parameters before you begin testing a URL. The test results are comprehensively broken down into speed tests, JavaScript file sizes, and image file sizes. The site also provides tools to compare the performance of multiple websites.

Read More : 7 Excellent Website To Test And Compare Website Speed


LiveMocha offers free and paid plans. It provides its users with a unique combination of tutorials and practice with native speakers from around the world.

Read More : 5 Best Free Websites To Learn Foreign Languages


Bounce is a little app that lets people quickly to add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.

Read More : 7 Excellent Websites To Get Design Feedback Visually Instead Of Emailing Back And Forth

Project Bubble


Project Bubble is a simple and easy tool for managing your projects, client and invoices. It’s intuitive interface makes project management a breeze. You can easily generate PDF invoices and get paid through PayPal.

Read More : 10 Best Business Web Apps To Make Your Lives Easier


icloud lets you do just that. icloud is a web service that provides its users with a virtual desktop. After creating an account and signing in to it, you virtual desktop loads up.

Read More : 7 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About But Should

Flash Paint


Flash Paint is a full web based drawing tool with many drawing features. The feature I liked best was its ability to create complex geometrical drawings with ease. This was achieved through a combination of lines and curves which you can modify easily.

Read More : Top 15 Online Tools For Drawing And Sketching



Zoho is the name for a collection of services. The entries you see in the image above are only few of what Zoho has to offer. We can sign up for an account and use Zoho’s services to easily gather ideas and create plus modify files / documents / images / presentations as a group. Click here to visit Zoho.

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WhatTheFont recognizes fonts in the same way as IdentifyFont. The image we upload can be of GIF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP image format and must not have more than 25 characters. As the characters are scanned by the website, we are asked to confirm if the right character has been confirmed. The site then proceeds to analyze each character and find our font.

Read More : 5 Online Tools For Designers To Help Recognize Unknown Fonts



IDriveSync syncs files online and across multiple PCs. On installing and logging into the application, it opens up a ‘Sync’ area where you can drag-n-drop files from your PC into or add your files into. Anytime you make a change to synced data anywhere on those multiple PCs, all the PCs will shortly reflect the modified data. IDriveSync does easy sharing too.

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1DayLater is a free website that lets users enter tasks and enter the value of those tasks either in time units, money, or distance units. Once we have all our tasks fed into our 1DayLater account, we can view graphs of our activities and vary the graph parameters to see what our time/money/distance is being concentrated on.

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With Youblisher you can make your pdf documents flippable and attractive looking book style presentation. It is like touching a real document.

Read More : 11 Amazing Free Web Applications To Make Your Lives Easier



Lookout is a free application compatible with all major mobile operating systems. In addition to the remote location and remote controlling features, the application also has built-in antivirus and firewall tools that protect it against malware.

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Web Page to PDF

Web2PDF Converter helps Internet users, website publishers and bloggers to save their content to PDF and then share, print or archive it. Web2PDF Converter is fast, powerful and easy to install.

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Springnote is a great way for you to create notebooks for ideas, interests, multimedia, projects, and documents. It allows you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files.

Read More : 12 Coolest Web Apps To Simplify Your Business



crocodoc takes your PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and lets you view and mark them up online. Documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively highlight or strikeout text, add notes and comments, and make revisions. All files are stored securely on their servers, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.

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Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. You can use it to send EMAIL or TEXT messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things, post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream and LISTEN to your favourite internet content. It’s easy and hands-free.

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AppliancesEnergyUse lists the power input of almost 50 household appliances. By finding out how much power we are using simultaneously we can see if we are wasting energy. We can also set a personal power goal for ourselves and vow to never cross that wattage at a given time. Whether or not we are crossing our goal can then be determined by AppliancesEnergyUse.

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Draw Anywhere


DrawAnywhere is an online diagramming website, where you can draw, modify and share flowcharts and other diagrams, with the look & feel of a desktop application. It runs on any browser with Flash 9 installed. There is no need to download and install any custom software. It runs entirely on the web, and thus it is an always-on-access-anywhere solution. It meets all your diagramming needs without installing, maintaining and purchasing expensive software.

Read More : Five Best Online Diagramming Tools

Google Notebook


Google Notebook is a free online application offered by Google that allows users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. The browser-based tool permits a user to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session. The information is saved to an online “notebook” with sharing and collaboration features. Notebooks can be made “public”, or visible to others, and can also be used to collaborate with a list of users (either publicly or privately).

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Desktop Apps


Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. Even if you’ve formatted a drive so that it looks blank, Recuva can still find your files on it.

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YouTube Jockey


With YouTube jockey you can save the YouTube videos you watch without having to login with your YouTube or Google account. YouTube Jockey is a video player based on Adobe Air platform and has the ability to search for YouTube videos from within the player and drag and drop feature for playing videos.

Read More : Great Tools For YouTube And Online Music Streaming You Might Didn’t Know Of

Cloud Magic


Cloud Magic is a free web tool that works as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for people running Mac, Windows, or Linux machines. The extension indexes all emails and their data locally. It then provides an interface for you to quickly search those emails. The response time is amazing because your search is conducted locally instead of online. Cloud Magic supports indexing multiple Gmail accounts.

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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

AVG Free provides you with basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows and is available to download for free. It can work like a fast and effective protection against viruses and spyware. You will stay protected on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection.

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Elmedia Mac Media Player

Elmedia Mac media player is a versatile tool that supports multiple formats playback (FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV). No need to install a separate player for each video you want to watch. Enjoy your screening with Elmedia Player.

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Freemake is an installable video converter for Windows operating systems. In addition to converting videos to AVI, MP4, 3GP, and DVD formats, the application can also rip DVDs, rip audio from videos, and split videos and upload them to YouTube as a playlist.

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Google Dictionary


Google Dictionary extension is Google’s own extension for its own browser, Chrome. With the extension installed, Chrome users will no longer need to bookmark any dictionary websites. The extension simplifies looking up word meanings by eliminating the need to visit a dictionary website in a new tab.

Read More : 7 Insanely Cool Google Chrome Extensions

Apture Highlights

Apture Highlights is a free tool, built from the ground up to let you take the power of Google search, and the richness YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikipedia with you to any site. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web’s best content without ever leaving the page. Fast, powerful, and fun.

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Lunascape is the world’s only triple engine browser. With Lunascape, you can choose the right engine at the right time, realizing a dramatic decrease in web-browser compatibility issues, long loading times, and messed up websites display. You need only 2 clicks to change your engine. Lunascape is 20 times faster than IE7, 6.5 times faster than IE8. And it stays up! We have gone head to head with well-known “fast” browsers, and have achieved one of the fastest JavaScript speed.

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Smart Defrag


Smart Defrag is a tiny Windows compatible utility sized at only 1.8 MB. When you run the program, you can view all your hard drive partitions. Click on the partition you feel is responding slowly, and perform an analysis to see if any files require defragmentation.

Read More : The 5 (Really) Cool Windows Tools You Might Need


AppFresh helps you to keep all applications, widgets, preference panes and application plugins installed on your Mac up to date. All from one place, easy to use and fully integrated into Mac OS X.

Read More : 13 Excellent Mac Utilities You Might Not Know About (But Should)



CodySafe is a simple to use program that can be installed on any flash drive or removable media. The installer is only 2.1 MB large and installs directly to your flash drive.

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IE Tab


Some sites can only be displayed using IE, and with this extension you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome. Great for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine, users who use sites with ActiveX controls, and users who want to use the explorer view for local files.

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Windows Memory Diagnostic


Microsoft has its own memory testing tool and it is called Windows Memory Diagnostic. The program performs a series of extensive tests on your system to find anything wrong with your computer’s memory. This tool also gives you the options to either create a bootable floppy disk or CD / DVD (by burning the image). Booting from the disk or optical disk will automatically begin the testing process.

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CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

Read More : The 7 Most Advanced (And Free To Use) System Security Tools For Windows 7

FastestFox – Browse Faster


You can save time and get faster, parallelized downloads, quick definitions, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and can do more with FastestFox.

Read More : 9 Insanely Useful Firefox Add-Ons That Will Save Your Time



iSynchronize is an application that synchronizes the original file or folder of aliases. It creates a folder in your home directory, where you can put either real files and folders or aliases, and then syncs the contents to another folder you specify. The application concludes a daemon that does al the work in the background.

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ComparePSD compares two Adobe Photoshop PSD files for you and highlights the differences. It can compare the difference Layer by layer, Effect by effect. ComparePSD allows you to select the files in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on them.

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Smartphone And Tablet PC Apps

0.03 Seconds


0.03 Seconds was the top iOS game in many countries within 2 days of its release. The game, sized at 11.9 MB, helps you judge your reaction time. Through a variety of responses it determines how fast you react and tap the screen.

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Read It Later

When you come across an article or a webpage you’d like to read but can’t at that time, save it to your Read it Later list. You can then read it whenever you have a moment, on the couch, in your commute, on the plane, train, or practically

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Google Mobile App

You can use Google Mobile App to search fast from your phones. It has some stunning features like you can speak your queries instead of typing, use pictures to search the web, avoid typing your current location while searching for nearby businesses (e.g. “pizza” or “best buy”). You can also quickly navigate to other Google services, such as Maps and Gmail. Available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia S60.

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Chess with Friends


This simple game lets you play chess over the network with a friend or a random player. The game’s simple functionality and cool graphics make the game worthwhile.

Read More : 10 (More) Free iPhone Games To Kill Your Boredom

LEGO Photo

Here’s an app to immortalize your favorite things and those special moments in LEGO form. Just point the camera, snap a pic, press the button, and watch the masterpiece build.

Read More : 12 Totally Awesome (Yet Free) Photography Apps For Your iPhone

WordPress for Android

The initial release of WordPress for Android has focused on giving you the ability to manage your blog while on the go. You can manage posts, comments, pages.

Read More : The 7 Must-Have Apps For Android Phones To Make Your Lives Easier

Google Earth

Google Earth

With Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population and a third of the world’s land mass.

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Wi-Fi Finder


This app for iPhone has tremendous use. Instead of shaking your phone to discover a good Wi-Fi signal, you can Wi-Fi Finder to find many free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots. The app has indexed over 280,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide.

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Hair MakeOver Lite

Do you want to find out what is the best hairstyle for you and your friends? With Hair MakeOver you can try on many different kind of hair styles and hair cuts in less than a minute on your iPhone. There are 32 32 hairstyles that you can try in this app.

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Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

sleep clock

Just running and jogging and taking control over your eating habits is not important. Studies shows that adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to stay fit. Now with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock relax and get to sleep easier by playing soothing sounds. It can also wake you up after specified time to keep you going.

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Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Since its release for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices, over 10 million copies of the game have been purchased and versions have appeared for other touchscreen-based smartphones. You can download this app for your Samsung Galaxy Tab from Android Market.

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It’s easy to use the Mobile App on your iPhone. Simply drag your finger to crop, adjust color, apply effects. You can crop, rotate, change color with just a touch, give an extra glow with Soft Focus, apply one-touch effects like Warm Vintage and Vignette etc.

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The Best Online Real-Time HTML Editors Internet Has To Offer

HTML Editor is a software application which is used to create web pages and websites for the internet. Writing HTML is easy in almost any text editor but the advantage of having a fully featured HTML editor is that it provides with some of the features necessary to add the web developers’ convenience and adds functionality. Today we’ll be giving a sneak preview of four great online HTML editors which not only provide a great way to create and edit HTML lines of code but also are online making them easily accessible even if the web developer is away from his/her native PC.

HTML Instant

HTML Instant is a free to use online HTML editor which can be used to create and modify HTML content over the web. Code can be selected, scripts can be created, and tags can be inserted in the editor. HTML Instant also has support for CSS and table creation which can help any web developer.


Real-time HTML Editor

One of the simplest yet most useful online HTML editors, Real-time HTML Editor provides users with a simple way to manage their HTML code online. It automatically deals with all the syntax problems with HTML scripts which the user makes during typing.


TimsFreeStuff HTML Editor

This real time HTML editor solves the problem of continuously switching between browser windows and provides a live show of what HTML code would look like in a separate preview pane. This solves the problem of first writing the HTML code in the web development software and then testing it in the browser window.


Online HTML Editor

Just like HTML Instant, Online HTML Editor is also a fully featured desktop alternative HTML Editor which can be used to create and edit HTML code thanks to its advanced editing features. Online HTML Editor supports headings to be created as well along with the standard HTML editor features.


If you guys know more tools that will be useful for the readers feel free to leave links in the comment box below and we will try to review them asap.

Take Advantage Of osTicket, A Widely-used Open Source Support Ticket System

When there are many department involved in a company, then handling customer complaints can become quite complex. Recording a complaint, then forwarding it to the right department, and checking its status now and then can become very complicated. The best way to go about the issue is through a ticket based system. By assigning each complaint a unique ticket, you can assign it to the right person, and check the issue’s status easily.

Many website operate a ticket based complaints and contact system. If you run such a website then you can surely take advantage of osTicket, a widely-used open source support ticket system.

osTicket is a complete and feature-rich open source support ticket system that easily fits into your website. It can seamlessly integrate inquiries created via email, phone and web-based forms into a simple easy-to-use multi-user web interface.

All that osTicket requires is PHP 4.3 or later and MySQL 4.4 or later. You can follow the installation guide available on osTicket’s website, follow the instructions on it, and set it up.

If you are thinking about going for a paid solution for your web complaints and issue handling, think again. “osTicket is an attractive alternative to higher-cost and complex customer support systems; simple, lightweight, reliable, open source, web-based and easy to setup and use.” It makes the entire process easier for the customer as well as the employees.

5+2 Best Apps To Securely Sync Online And Share Your Files

This is one of the very best list of its kind where you can find incredibly useful and life saver data synchronization applications that you would love to bookmark for future use. I hope everyone of you will like this list, you can try these whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc. These great tools will give you excellent experience and peace of mind when you need online synchronization and data sharing. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

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IDriveSync syncs files online and across multiple PCs. On installing and logging into the application, it opens up a ‘Sync’ area where you can drag-n-drop files from your PC into or add your files into. Anytime you make a change to synced data anywhere on those multiple PCs, all the PCs will shortly reflect the modified data. IDriveSync does easy sharing too.


In case you do not know what the term means, online collaboration is a group of individuals working on the same file or document online. Everybody makes changes and edits to the documents and these changes can be viewed by other group members. Currently countless websites offer this service. One such website is



SpiderOak provides innovative cloud-based personal data management services that simplify the process of backing up, accessing, organizing, sharing and synchronizing data from any number of computers or external storage media. They offers 2 GBs free account for life and you will be enjoying all of the features SpiderOak has to offer.

Live Mesh

Live Mesh

With Live Mesh, you can synchronize, share and access files with all of your devices, so you always have the updated copy of your files. It’s very simple and easy that you can now access your files from any device or from the web, easily share them with others, and get notified whenever someone changes a file. The best of all this service is powered by Microsoft and absolutely free for everyone.



Syncplicity is effortless synchronization, backup, and sharing. Install it on one computer and all your important documents, photos, and music are backed up online, complete with remote access and aversion history. If you are working on a presentation at home, hit save, and it’ll be waiting for you at work. With sharing, it’s a walk in the park to collaborate with colleagues or to share your high-res photos with your friends.

Newly Added



With 2GB of online free storage you can sync files of any size or type on Dropbox. You can sync Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It may automatically syncs when new files or changes are detected.’s online file storage makes it easy to securely share content as a link or a shared folder with anyone inside or outside your company. This will help you create an online workspace where you can share project files, add comments, assign tasks, start discussions or create new content.

Let Your Customers Rate Your Emails With Nice Reply

Leaving a good impression on your customers is the key element in the success of any business. The way you communicate with your customers reflects on how high you value them. Attention to little things is of utmost important because you want your business to have loyal customers who come back for your services every time.

To give your customers what they want, you first have to know their wants. One way to go about it would be to collect feedback from your customers about a particular issue that you feel needs improvement. “Nicereply” is a perfect example of this.


Nicereply is a free to use website that helps you improve your interaction with your customers. This is achieved by improving the email messages sent to customers.


The way it all works is quite simple. You create an account on Nicereply and obtain a link which you should add to the signature of the email. A small description could be included in the signature, asking customers to click on the link and indicate their satisfaction with the email message. When they click on the link, their response is observed by Nicereply and recorded in your Nicereply account. You can view the overall statistics of a certain email message and see how successful it is in satisfying customers. The nature of the email can be anything: from an automated response to something offering tickets and coupons.



The customer service representatives in your company can have individual accounts at Nicereply. This will form a healthy competitive environment in which each employee will be motivated to excel amongst his peers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Nicereply works as a wonderful tool in determining whether or not your emails are up to the mark. Click here to visit Nicereply.

Take Your Blog To The Top Of Search Results With SEO PowerSuite

You may have the greatest blog ever with mind-blowing design and captivating content, but if you just sit and wait for people to come and read it, chances are they won’t. In today’s world you need to get out there and promote your blog to get more eyeballs on your writing. One of the best ways to do it is by optimizing your blog for the search engines.

If you take a look at the traffic sources of the top blogs in any niche you’ll notice that a large chunk of their visitors come via search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most effective promotion tools in the blogger’s arsenal. But when you blog regularly, reply to comments, and work hard to grow a community around your blog you may not have enough time to invest in SEO, and professional SEOs charge an arm and a leg. So how do you optimize your blog without stealing the time from blogging or forking out for SEO services?

That’s where SEO software like SEO PowerSuite comes to the rescue. SEO PowerSuite is a premium package of SEO tools that help you optimize your blog and win top rankings on major search engines while spending as little as 30 minutes a day on SEO.

SEO PowerSuite is made up of 4 powerful SEO tools that take care of every aspect of effective website promotion:

Rank Tracker – a search engine rankings checker and keyword research tool.

SEO SpyGlass – backlink checker and competition analysis tool.

WebSite Auditor – content optimization tool.

LinkAssistant – link building and link management script.

Let’s take a closer look at each script in the pack and see how it can help you push your blog to the top of search engine listings.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a fast and accurate rank checker that lets you monitor where your blog ranks for your chosen keywords in all the major search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, AltaVista, etc. The software supports over 600 local and regional search engines so you can track your blog’s rankings all around the world.

Using Rank Tracker is quite simple and straightforward. Start the program, enter the URL of the site you want to track and choose the search engines where you want to track the performance of your desired keywords. Next, enter the keywords and Rank Tracker will show you a detailed report on the positions and ranks.


Rank Tracker shows you all the critical information on your rankings:

The tool draws a ranking graph of your blog’s rank changes to visualize your progress and generates customizable ranking reports with all the data on your keywords and rankings. You can schedule ranking checks (and other tasks) to be run on autopilot and Rank Tracker will monitor your blogs positions automatically.

Keyword research

Besides checking your rankings Rank Tracker also helps you discover new profitable keywords to target. There are 16 different keyword research methods in Rank Tracker that you can use to locate popular search strings in your niche.

You simply enter a number of seed keywords and Rank Tracker will find related terms. The tool will calculate the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) that shows you how popular and competitive each term is.


You can instantly check how many people search for each keyword monthly and how many sites compete for a place in the search results. This way you can find the best keyword opportunities.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor helps you optimize your content for the search engines to ensure that your posts rank high for the right keywords. The process couldn’t be easier. You simply enter the URL of your webpage and the keyword(s) you want it to rank for. WebSite Auditor will then analyze your content and lay out a step-by-step optimization blueprint. The tool goes through each page element and tells you how well it’s optimized and what you can do to improve it.


WebSite Auditor will help you determine the optimal keyword density for your posts, optimize each page element and even compare your content against the best ranked websites for your keywords. The tool generates a special competition analysis report where it analyzes the content on the 10 top ranked pages for your keywords and helps you take advantage of the best working onpage optimization techniques.


How many times should you use your keywords in the title and in the post? How long should your title be? Where should you put your most important keywords? WebSite Auditor will help you answer these questions and make sure all your posts are 100% search engine friendly.

SEO SpyGlass

Getting links to your blog is the most important and perhaps the hardest part of the SEO job. You can’t rank well for competitive terms without quality incoming links pointing at your site. SEO SpyGlass will help you locate the most powerful link sources in your niche and take advantage of them.

SEO SpyGlass is an advanced backlink checker that lets you analyze incoming links to any website or web page. With it you can check who’s linking to your blog and more importantly – where other blogs and websites get their links. You simply enter the URL of a competing website and get to know all about their incoming links:


With this data link building becomes a much easier task. When you know where to get links you don’t need to spend hours of your valuable time hunting down link sources.


LinkAssistant is a link building software that will help you establish and maintain quality links from relevant websites and blogs. Link building is a tedious process that eats up a lot of time yet can’t be avoided because if you want to rank well you need to grow your link popularity.

LinkAssistant lets you automate most time-consuming link building tasks helping you:



Looking at SEO PowerSuite, I must say that it’s a must use toolkit for anyone who is serious about optimizing his website for search engines. You get all the information at your fingertips and need not hire any SEO specialist to do the job. Download the Free Edition of SEO PowerSuite and check it yourself.


The Free version of SEO PowerSuite has some minor limitations – you cannot schedule tasks, import or export data or save the reports. There are two paid editions available – Professional and Enterprise and they cost around $249 and $599 respectively. For further details, please check Features & Editions page.

If you do not want to buy the entire package, you can try each individual script at $99.75 for the Professional edition and $249.75 for the Enterprise edition.

“Palringo” A Free Universal Messenger App For Your iPhone And Other Mobile Devices

Palringo is completely free app and it has versions for all popular devices like iPhone, Android and etc. It is now fastest growing instant messaging service around. It is an award-winning rich messaging client service which allow you to send text, voice, or photo messages to your contact for free no matter what social network you use.

Palringo quickly guides you to an easy process of creating Palringo account which connects almost all famous chat services together, and then this free account can be used to take your chats and messaging service with you when you use Palringo on your Mac or PC, or your mobile phones (Android, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile). Users can update their status message across all messenger services from Palringo, and it supports Push Notifications so you can still get messages from your contacts whilst running other iPhone apps or even in sleep mode. Parlingo service also supports thousands of free chat groups covering almost any subject in any language.

Palringo is absolutely free to download and ad supported for iPhone, and for the people who do not wants ads, landscape chat, themes and user Avatars then they can use Palringo Premium which is also available on the App Store. Create your account now on and download apps from here


Now you can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use, all from one universal Instant Messenger.

1. Facebook Chat
2. Windows Live Messenger ® (MSN)
3. AOL ® Instant Messenger (AIM)
4. Yahoo! ® Messenger
5. Google Talk ™
6. ICQ ®
7. Jabber ®
8. iChat ® / MobileMe ®
9. Gadu-Gadu ®

Some Stunning Features:

1. Users can Express themselves with emoticons and smiley faces.
2. Users can send voice messages at the click of a button.
3. By sharing photos and pictures in chats your friends can see what you are looking at.
4. With location feature you can see where your friends are right now and you can let everyone know where you are.
5. Create a group and it will allow you to send messages to everyone at the same time.
6. Search the built-in groups to find chat rooms you’re interested in and meet new people.
7. Users can Broadcast a message about what they are doing and where they are with current status.
8. You can automatically update your status on social networking sites directly from Palringo.

Language Translations:

1. Korean (new)
2. Polish (updated)
3. Spanish (updated)
4. German (updated)
5. French (updated)
6. Italian (updated)
7. Russian (updated)

Use CardKing To Carry All Your Coupons And Loyalty Cards In Your iPhone

Coupons, loyalty cards, special offers, are all ways to earn discounts and benefits at various stores. Experienced (and wise) shoppers never miss an opportunity that enables them to get a discount. These offers (particularly loyalty cards) can be especially helpful when shoppers buy from the same store regularly; discounts on each purchase can combine to form a huge amount of savings.

Of course to carry discount cards and loyalty cards of each store we purchase from can be a little difficult – there is only a certain limit to things we can carry in our wallet. If you are an iPhone user, however, you can use an application to save your discount/loyalty cards and carry all of them in your iPhone. CardKing is exactly such an application.


CardKing is a free iPhone application sized at 4.4MB. Its basic function is to let users store their coupons and such in their iPhone. Stores can then scan the barcode of these coupons off the customer’s iPhone and let them avail that particular offer.


This feature lets us conveniently carry our loyalty cards wherever we go without sacrificing any wallet-space.


CardKing has over 32 categories including Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Drug Stores, Grocery, Health Clubs, Insurance Cards, Libraries, Restaurants, Student ID’s, Union Cards and even Employee ID #’s, including ALL major and most regional merchants such as A&P, American Airlines, Best Buy, Blockbuster, CVS, PetSmart, LA Fitness, from Stanford University to University of Miami, Bank of America to Library of Congress.

Add Merchant

Any smart shopper who is an iPhone will take advantage of CardKing’s service and download the application right away.
When you have used CardKing, use the comments to let me how your experience with it went.

Folx Could Be Your Next Most Favourite Free Download Manager For Mac OS X

Folx is a free download manager for Mac OS X. Its friendly interface will help you take the most of your downloads. It’s not overloaded with tons of unnecessary features and is extremely easy to use. All you have to do to download files is click the link in your web browser and Folx will catch it.

It can split your downloads in multiple threads, thus it is much faster. You also have an option to adjust the download and upload speed in Folx and prioritize the most important downloads by just dragging them to the top of the queue. Folx also offers auto-resuming of your downloads in case you went offline or the tracker was down, etc.


You probably noticed before that the more you download the harder it is sometimes to find the needed files in your downloads folder. By tagging your downloads you instruct Folx to save them to folders that correspond with assigned tags using symlinks. Whenever you need to find your downloaded content, you even don’t have to launch Folx, just look in your main downloads folder and follow the familiar tags structure. Assign as many tags to each download as you wish.


Full features list

Folx is really a great simple app that can handle your downloads as a piece of cake. What’s more you would wish in a free downloader.

Want To Make Cheap International/Local Calls And Text Messages? Use Free Google Voice In Your iPhones And Palm WebOS.

On December, 17 2009, Alex Nicolaou, who is an Engineering Manager in Google mobile, wrote in Google mobile blog about the benefits of the Iterative Web app :Feature-Rich and Fast. Presenting of Google services via mobile browsers has worked well for the Gmail team, so Gmail team decided to follow the same approach with GoogleVoice as Alex Nicolaou did with Iterative web app.

On January, 26, 2010, Gmail team finally introduced the Google Voice web app
for the iPhone and Palm WebOS devices. HTML5 were used to develop this application, which provides you the fast and versatile mobile experience for Google Voice. For example, AppCache which allows you to interact with web apps without an internet/network connection and local databases allows you to store data locally in your device, and that way you will not lose data even when you close the browser or connection.


This app does not need to be download and installed in your phone isn’t it just great? Well all you need to do is visit from your phone browser and log in to your Google voice account and that’s it. When you have log in to you account in then you can make calls from your phone that show your Google Voice number as the caller ID. Users can also listen to voice-mail and messages, users can send and receive text messages for free and users can take advantage of low international call rates offered by Google Voice. That’s a lot for free I guess isn’t it?

Users can add shortcuts to their iPhone home screen or Palm launcher for quick access to the most important features like “Dialer”, “Compose SMS”, “Inbox” or “Contacts”.This way the cheapest call and messaging will be just a single click away. Google Voice web app offers native app like performance and speed, because it uses advance feature of modern HTML5 browsers.


Please note, this web app is compatible with all versions of Palm WebOS and iPhone OS 3.0 and higher. A simple Google Voice account is required to use this app, and Google Voice is currently only available in the United States. To learn more about Google Voice or request an invite, visit or read the Google Voice blog.

Now Make Your Blogging Life Easier Than Ever With WordPress For iPad

We have got a great news for bloggers who use wordpress as their blogging platform and who do their best to keep their blog updated with latest news/happenings but they could not do the best due to functional limitation of wordpress for smartphones. Now WordPress made it easier for you if you are planning to have your Apple’s recently released iPad.

When everyone is curiously watching the release of Apple’s iPad, WordPress just announced the release of their optimized version of iPhone OS to take advantage of the iPad’s new user interface. It will really make your blogging life easier than ever before. Let me tell you how…


You may want to post update from anywhere (while you are on the move) but who knew that it would be like that easy as today after this release. Now write, add photos, check your spelling, and even create links without having to write a single line of code or HTML. While writing if you are not comfortable, just rotate the screen. WordPress will automatically adjust to a more comfortable widescreen layout to enjoy the iPad experience.


Yeah, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with your readers while you are not on the computer. But from now on you can moderate, edit, or reply to comments. It will also help you to quickly moderate bulk comments through the easy to use interface.


I agree it’s not necessary but it would be fun though to share your location when you post to your wordpress blog if you are out somewhere. Just tap the Geotag icon on the Write screen, and watch as WordPress locates you on the map. It’s a great way to share where you were when you posted to your blog. But we have to wait for Geotagging features because it will be available on the iPad when the 3G model comes out in late April.