Want To Make Cheap International/Local Calls And Text Messages? Use Free Google Voice In Your iPhones And Palm WebOS.

Want To Make Cheap International/Local Calls And Text Messages? Use Free Google Voice In Your iPhones And Palm WebOS. 1

On December, 17 2009, Alex Nicolaou, who is an Engineering Manager in Google mobile, wrote in Google mobile blog about the benefits of the Iterative Web app :Feature-Rich and Fast. Presenting of Google services via mobile browsers has worked well for the Gmail team, so Gmail team decided to follow the same approach with GoogleVoice as Alex Nicolaou did with Iterative web app.

On January, 26, 2010, Gmail team finally introduced the Google Voice web app
for the iPhone and Palm WebOS devices. HTML5 were used to develop this application, which provides you the fast and versatile mobile experience for Google Voice. For example, AppCache which allows you to interact with web apps without an internet/network connection and local databases allows you to store data locally in your device, and that way you will not lose data even when you close the browser or connection.


This app does not need to be download and installed in your phone isn’t it just great? Well all you need to do is visit m.google.com/voice from your phone browser and log in to your Google voice account and that’s it. When you have log in to you account in m.Google.com/voice then you can make calls from your phone that show your Google Voice number as the caller ID. Users can also listen to voice-mail and messages, users can send and receive text messages for free and users can take advantage of low international call rates offered by Google Voice. That’s a lot for free I guess isn’t it?

Users can add shortcuts to their iPhone home screen or Palm launcher for quick access to the most important features like “Dialer”, “Compose SMS”, “Inbox” or “Contacts”.This way the cheapest call and messaging will be just a single click away. Google Voice web app offers native app like performance and speed, because it uses advance feature of modern HTML5 browsers.


Please note, this web app is compatible with all versions of Palm WebOS and iPhone OS 3.0 and higher. A simple Google Voice account is required to use this app, and Google Voice is currently only available in the United States. To learn more about Google Voice or request an invite, visit www.google.com/voice or read the Google Voice blog.

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