Now Use ClickMeter For Real-Time Click Tracking Of Your Link

Now Use ClickMeter For Real-Time Click Tracking Of Your Link 1

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ClickMeter is an essential tool to track results from the small blog to a full-fledged marketing campaign. This is versatile, scalable and easy to use tool to track how many clicks you have got on your external links. You can enjoy reliable real-time statistics over suspect click-fraud activity: filter per campaign; customize fraud-detection parameters and compare results for multiple campaigns in a single chart. The best about this tool that it has absolutely FREE plan with huge list of amazing features.

You can monitor your overall performance over a customizable time-frame through detailed charts; make comparisons of traffic volume and click-fraud reliability among different marketing campaigns.


There is an option to track all the clicks, real-time, through a detailed self-updating report. You can filter for campaign and get details over the link used: the user’s browser; system; country and much more in a single screen.


You can view where all your traffic originates on a navigable world map: monitor all your clicks or just group for specific campaigns with click-fraud statistics and geographical density at a glance.

With ClickMeter, Now you can provide your clients with a reliable monitor of your performance through a read-only guest account or share your results on affiliationlink-exchange agreements.

Salient Features

  • Unlimited tracking-links
  • No expiration for tracking-links
  • Click-fraud detection
  • Real-time charts
  • Click distribution on world map
  • Private analytics (password protected access to your stats data)
  • Cumulative tracking-links analysis with a single account
  • Short URL redirection trough our featured short domain
  • Link tagging(customizable URL for search engine optimization)
  • Customizable settings: Time-zone; Date format; Number format
  • Links redirect with a 301 or 307 status code (Moved Permanently or Temporary Redirect) for maximum SEO performance.
  • Social media measurement
  • Favorite links management
  • One-click activation/deactivation for tracking-links
  • Unique/not-unique clicks distribution
  • Link sorting by most clicked, date and alphabetical order
  • Link-tracking duplication tool
  • Scalable service configuration
  • Support via email and telephone
  • Video guides