Let Your Customers Rate Your Emails With Nice Reply

Let Your Customers Rate Your Emails With Nice Reply 1

Leaving a good impression on your customers is the key element in the success of any business. The way you communicate with your customers reflects on how high you value them. Attention to little things is of utmost important because you want your business to have loyal customers who come back for your services every time.

To give your customers what they want, you first have to know their wants. One way to go about it would be to collect feedback from your customers about a particular issue that you feel needs improvement. “Nicereply” is a perfect example of this.


Nicereply is a free to use website that helps you improve your interaction with your customers. This is achieved by improving the email messages sent to customers.


The way it all works is quite simple. You create an account on Nicereply and obtain a link which you should add to the signature of the email. A small description could be included in the signature, asking customers to click on the link and indicate their satisfaction with the email message. When they click on the link, their response is observed by Nicereply and recorded in your Nicereply account. You can view the overall statistics of a certain email message and see how successful it is in satisfying customers. The nature of the email can be anything: from an automated response to something offering tickets and coupons.



The customer service representatives in your company can have individual accounts at Nicereply. This will form a healthy competitive environment in which each employee will be motivated to excel amongst his peers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Nicereply works as a wonderful tool in determining whether or not your emails are up to the mark. Click here to visit Nicereply.

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