3 Chrome Extensions To Enhance Your Grooveshark Music Listening Experience

3 Chrome Extensions To Enhance Your Grooveshark Music Listening Experience 1

Streaming music online lets us listen to any song without having anything stored on our computer. Moreover since the procedure takes place in our browser, it does not depend on our operating system so any OS user can stream music online.

One wonderful online music streaming website is Grooveshark. Visitors can quickly create an account (although an account is not necessary to start streaming music), then go on and create their playlist. Playlists are played within the built-in player of Grooveshark.

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My default web browser is Google Chrome and while using Grooveshark on it, I came across 3 wonderful Chrome extensions that enhanced my overall experience on Grooveshark. For the benefit of all my Chrome using readers (who are also Grooveshark fans), I am going to share these wonderful extension. Read about and install each one; they all serve an important purpose.

1. Ads-Free Grooveshark


Grooveshark offers paid and free plans to its users. Free accountholders are shown ads in their Grooveshark interface – something which is quite distracting and bothersome to some users. This Chrome extension does exactly what its name suggests: it removes those ads. What I liked most about Ads-free Grooveshark that there were no options to set up; the ads simply disappeared once I started installed the extension.

Click here to get Ads-free Grooveshark.

2. ChromeShark


ChromeShark is another Chrome extension that neatly complements the Grooveshark experience in Chrome. It places an icon in our address bar which, when clicked, shows us very basic audio player controls. These controls include previous song, play/pause, next song, and stop.

Click here to get ChromeShark.

3. keySharky


While we have the Grooveshark’s player open, we can use keyboard shortcuts which let us control the player like any other audio player. These hotkey shortcuts are introduced by keySharky. The extension lets us change the default hotkey combinations in its options.

Click here to get keySharky.

Using all these 3 extensions on your Chrome will surely enhance your Grooveshark experience.

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