Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone

Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 1

iPhone apps are a great way for customizing the way you use your iPhone. They offer flexibility, more features than normal services would and are very easy to use. The Apple iTunes App store has millions of apps which aim to provide users an enriching smartphone experience overall. Today we’ll be reviewing five great iPhone apps which can be used to enhance the way you use your smartphone. Have a look:

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Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 2

SoundTracking allows users to share the songs they listen to with other people while on the go. It does so by informing your friends who also use SoundTracking to share the music which they listen to. You and your friends can comment on the music being shared as well. SoundTracking provides a really great and easy way to share you music without really doing much effort.


Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 3

PairShare is probably the best real-time P2P music sharing app available for the iOS right now. It lets you to stream your music stream live on your friend’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch nearby. It is a great way to listen and share music with your friends while doing different real world tasks together. A must have for anyone.

Sign Me Out Lite

Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 4

Sign Me Out Live is another great app which lets users monitor their important accounts such as Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter etc. and immediately know if anyone else is trying to start another session of their respective accounts. Moreover, it also allows users to sign out from different accounts with a single tap. Sign Me Out also provides a complete info about your current session details to each of the services you are logged in. If you like using multiple services on your iPhone, then Sign me Out is a great app to have for a combined signout from all those services in a single click.


Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 5

Follows is an app for social networking freaks. It provides users the aggregate data about different aspects of social networking information from their profiles on multiple services. Information presented to users is about the total number of friends, subscriptions made following others, social connections developed, likes and so on. Follows supports a lot of social networks and other socially active services like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube etc. and gives quite accurate results for you to analyze your social performance.

HeyWire Free Text Worldwide Plus Facebook Chat, Twitter & IM

Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone 6

This all-in-one app provides users with the ability to send free text messages to others in the US and worldwide, have Google Talk and Facebook chat conversations with them, Twitter via text, auto-reply to text messages while driving and last but not the least, locate and text other friends who also use this great all-in-one app. HeyWire is really easy to use and it DOES provide the ability to send FREE texts all over the globe. HeyWire easily switches between 3G and WiFi when WiFi is available saving you data costs making it economical as well. A little downer for us was a single add which appeared in the app. Overall, it’s a must have! participates in various affiliate marketing programs and especially Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to any of the linked sites from us.