Great Tools For YouTube And Online Music Streaming You Might Didn’t Know Of

Great Tools For YouTube And Online Music Streaming You Might Didn't Know Of 1

Watching YouTube videos are fun as well as it serves a lot of other purposes as well. This is why now there are countless tools available online which increase and enrich the experience associated with watching YouTube videos. These tools enhance the functionality of YouTube in some way or the other or add several new features otherwise not available for users while watching YouTube videos. Today we’ve compiled a list of great YouTube tools which can be used to substantially enhance your video watching experience with YouTube.

YouTube Jockey

With YouTube jockey you can save the YouTube videos you watch without having to login with your YouTube or Google account. YouTube Jockey is a video player based on Adobe Air platform and has the ability to search for YouTube videos from within the player and drag and drop feature for playing videos.



JukeFly is a great online service which lets you stream music from various online sources on any device which you want. All you have to do is signup for a free JukeFly account and search for the music you want to listen to and from there you can stream to live music on any portable device easily.



A great tool for watching YouTube videos with a lot of extra features, PLAYINURTUBEZ allows videos to be added to it via your YouTube account which can then be played in a continuous loop, a search for similar videos can be made, videos can be linked and playlists can also be saved.


YouTube Music Player

A Mozilla Firefox add-on, YouTube Music Player is basically a streaming Music Player which integrates into Firefox and whenever you want to listen to streaming music online; it connects to YouTube and streams online music for free via YouTube. It also has support for playlist creation, previewing music and drag and drop streaming of YouTube songs and videos.



Muzakbox makes searching for you favorite music a breeze as it has a powerful search engine for music related queries. Once the results are gathered, you can simply click the link and listen to your favorite music without worrying from where the music came from.



Although this web service has no direct connection with YouTube, Streamdrag can help you listen to free music online by streaming it from YouTube or any other free music sources online such as Grooveshark etc. All you have to do is perform a search on your favorite music which you want to listen and thanks to its multiple sources, music streaming is fun with Streamdrag.



One of the most fun to use YouTube video tools, DragonTape is an exceptional tool which lets users combine different YouTube videos together into a single file and then play them continuously without the need to load them over and over again. Clips can be added and then merged to create a single “Tape” which can then be played sequentially. This tool is especially useful in bringing together parts of programs which are split and then uploaded on YouTube. With Dragontape, these programs can be watched in just a single go.

clip_image013 is an audio streaming service with a lot of extra features as well which includes support for pausable music with lyrics, photos, biographies, related artists. Currently in Beta phase, provides users with an enriching experience to listen to music and also gives them tips on similar types and artists to the one they’re currently listening to. is a fun to use music streaming service with great audio quality playback as well.



PsykoTube is another interesting to use tool for YouTube videos. It displays YouTube video search results in an exciting new manner which is not only pleasing to the eyes but looks awesomely cool as well. It can be considered as the alternative to the Cooliris extension of Firefox web browser and has a great way of showing video search results on YouTube. It is highly recommended website to use. Infact I would recommend visitngPsykoTube to perform video searches as they’re so cool.


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