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11 Totally Awesome Time-Saving Apps For Your iPhone

Wondering how to make your iPhone helpful for you so most of the time you don’t need other devices to perform different tasks? One obvious way is to keep an eye on countless iOS developers who develop such apps. And here we are listing down 11 Totally Awesome Apps For Your iPhone. Read on this list of great iPhone apps f to try them all out – they’re free!

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CamScanner Free

CamScanner turns Phone into Scanner. With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. Simply take a picture of any paper documents such as receipts, whiteboards, notes, agreement and so forth, and CamScanner can auto crop image, enhance image quality and to create an industry standard PDF file. Then you can easily sync documents via iTunes, upload to cloud like Evernote, Dropbox, Google Doc,, iDisk, or manage by tagging or searching.

Free Wi-Fi

The Free Wi-Fi locator helps you find free Wi-Fi hotspots where ever you are. With a simple tap of the icon you can see locations near you. Click on a location and receive the exact driving directions.The bad about this application is that this is valid for US users only.


This app allows you to be a responsible driver and stay connected by reading unlimited messages for free.

Touch Mouse

Touch Mouse by Logitech turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer. works over Wi-Fi, so you can use it anywhere in the house. And to make typing easier, text is displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch as you type, so you can see what you’re doing without having to continually look up and down.

USB Disk

USB Disk lets you store and view documents on your iPhone and iPod. It has an amazing built in document viewer and is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface, yet it contains many powerful features. Drag and drop files in iTunes to transfer them to your iPhone / iPod, then view them anywhere.

Use Your Handwriting

Have you ever wanted to write fast, beautiful notes without having to use the popup keyboard? How about just using your finger on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s gorgeous screen? Use Your Handwriting® (UYH) is a powerful yet simple way to organize and express yourself. Instead of typing items in, Use Your Handwriting lets you write them by hand (well, by finger) – and with its unique graphic rendering engine, makes what you write look like your actual handwriting.

Convert Everything FREE

Convert Everything is a simple application that can convert between units (distance, area, weight, etc), translate words (online using google translate), convert currencies with rates updated online.


Want to know what noise level is around you? in the restaurant? in the train? in the office? This app will show you how much noise is there in your surrounding.

Battery Master Free

Battery Master Free shows you the current battery level of iPhone /iPod Touch, e.g. the remaining time for standby, audio, video, Internet browsing in different scenarios. It can also notify you while your iPhone/iPod Touch is fully charged.

Camera Zoom Free

This camera app has some really good features like take new pictures while other pictures are saving, this allows you to take multiple pictures in a short period of time. It controls horizontal and vertical zoom separately, which makes your camera more fun. For example, you can take a picture that makes someone look skinny/chubby.

WiFi HD FREE (Wireless Hard Disk Drive)

Turn your iPhone into a wireless, mobile external hard drive. It works over any WiFi connection. You can now share, copy, and backup your files to and from your PC / Mac / Linux / or another phone.

Five Great Apps To Enhance The Way You Use Your iPhone

iPhone apps are a great way for customizing the way you use your iPhone. They offer flexibility, more features than normal services would and are very easy to use. The Apple iTunes App store has millions of apps which aim to provide users an enriching smartphone experience overall. Today we’ll be reviewing five great iPhone apps which can be used to enhance the way you use your smartphone. Have a look:

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SoundTracking allows users to share the songs they listen to with other people while on the go. It does so by informing your friends who also use SoundTracking to share the music which they listen to. You and your friends can comment on the music being shared as well. SoundTracking provides a really great and easy way to share you music without really doing much effort.


PairShare is probably the best real-time P2P music sharing app available for the iOS right now. It lets you to stream your music stream live on your friend’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch nearby. It is a great way to listen and share music with your friends while doing different real world tasks together. A must have for anyone.

Sign Me Out Lite

Sign Me Out Live is another great app which lets users monitor their important accounts such as Gmail, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter etc. and immediately know if anyone else is trying to start another session of their respective accounts. Moreover, it also allows users to sign out from different accounts with a single tap. Sign Me Out also provides a complete info about your current session details to each of the services you are logged in. If you like using multiple services on your iPhone, then Sign me Out is a great app to have for a combined signout from all those services in a single click.


Follows is an app for social networking freaks. It provides users the aggregate data about different aspects of social networking information from their profiles on multiple services. Information presented to users is about the total number of friends, subscriptions made following others, social connections developed, likes and so on. Follows supports a lot of social networks and other socially active services like Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube etc. and gives quite accurate results for you to analyze your social performance.

HeyWire Free Text Worldwide Plus Facebook Chat, Twitter & IM

This all-in-one app provides users with the ability to send free text messages to others in the US and worldwide, have Google Talk and Facebook chat conversations with them, Twitter via text, auto-reply to text messages while driving and last but not the least, locate and text other friends who also use this great all-in-one app. HeyWire is really easy to use and it DOES provide the ability to send FREE texts all over the globe. HeyWire easily switches between 3G and WiFi when WiFi is available saving you data costs making it economical as well. A little downer for us was a single add which appeared in the app. Overall, it’s a must have!

Five Free iPhone Apps For Instant And Text Messaging

iPhone owners have a large library of applications that serve numerous useful purposes. One category of such application is dedicated to helping people easily contact their friends via messaging.

Depending on their nature, these apps let you send instant messages to your friends as well as text messages. While most of the advanced apps carry a price tag, there are a few free ones as well that get the done quite effectively. Check the top 5 of such free iOS apps below.


For instant messaging across different type of networks you often have to install separate dedicated apps. But with IMO you get a single application through which you can chat with your friends on Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, and Myspace. Check out the IMO instant messaging iOS application here.


For people looking for basic IM capabilities coupled with free SMS features, HeyWire will be an excellent choice. The app supports Facebook Chat and Gtalk along with letting you send text message for free and tweet via SMS. Get HeyWire from here.

Yahoo! Messenger

I regularly use the desktop Yahoo! Messenger to chat with my friends. Its iOS counterpart is an equally competent app that supports instant messages, video calls, voice calls, and free SMS messages amongst other features. You can visit the Yahoo! Messenger iOS app over here.


Palringo is popular iOS app that supports instant messaging across numerous networks. Additionally it supports free text messages, along with picture and voice messages. Get Palringo from here.

Fuze Messenger

Fuze Messengers supports messaging across various networks with added feature of SSL encryption to secure your conversations. Check out the app by clicking here.

Instagram Makes Your Photography Passion More Enjoyable With Your iPhone

If you like shooting pictures with your iPhone, adding effects to them, and sharing the results, then there is a good chance you have multiple apps installed for each function. But this entire process can be made a lot easier and faster if you opt for an iOS app called Instagram.

Instagram is a free iOS application sized at 6.5 MB. The app provides a user-friendly interface through which you can quickly shoot pictures, add cool effects to them, and share with your friends. Instagram uploads your photos and lets you share them with other Instagram users; in this way the app acts like a social network.

You can share photos with people in your network, view their photos, and search the network for people, tags, and popular photographs.

One of the best features about the app is that it offers more than a dozen filters to beautify your photographs.

By adding these filters to your photos, you can get wonderful results and gather followers to be popular on Instagram. Furthermore, users can also optionally share the locations of the places where photos were taken. You can check into Foursquare when you post a photo with a location.

If you want to share pictures on other social networks, you can do this via the app too; sharing on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, and Facebook is supported.

Instagram is completely a device-based app; in other words you use it entirely on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you want to access your Instagram through a desktop or laptop computer, then you will find a website named Extragram to be most helpful.

Extragram lets you browse Instagram photos in grid, filmstrip, and map views. Other features include the same Instagram functionality: you are able to view popular photos, search for people and tags, browse your photos and your friends’ photos, comment on photos, and share them over various social networks.

If you own an iPhone device, then the combined usage of Instagram and Extragram will be the best to shoot photos, add cool effect to them, and manage them through your computer.

Check out Instagram over here and Extragram over here.

Six Browsers For Most Intuitive Web Surfing Experience On Your Android Phone

There are many apps out there for android phones, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. That is why I am sharing The Six Browsers For Most Intuitive Web Surfing Experience On Android. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best.

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Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD, most popular and powerful browser on Android Market, is built on Android 2.0+ platform. Beside some basic features, like gesture commands, multi-touch zooming, bookmarking (that syncs to Google bookmarks), Dolphin HD supports more powerful features such as versatile add-ons, better HTML5 support, customizable bookmarks sorting, innovative UI, Download Directory changing, and etc.

Opera Mobile Web Browser

It is fast, smooth, and makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever. A refreshed user interface looks better with your device and gives Opera Mobile a sleek, modern appearance. Pinch zoom and smooth panning let you surf in a natural and intuitive way. You can also share web content with others on popular social networks. Opera Mobile is the ultimate browser when connected over WiFi or wireless broadband.

Miren Browser

Miren browser brings you the most intuitive browsing experience with full tabbed browser with smart full-screen mode, top site navigation and smart suggestions. It has a Flash support with multi-touch Pinch zoom. You will have excellent bookmark management with folders as well as you can export/import bookmarks via SD.


Skyfire Browser makes your mobile web experience richer, smarter and more fun. It also makes browsing more social. You may have easy access to Facebook and Twitter news feeds, profiles, friends, inbox, events and places. Find popular pages your friends have shared based on the sites you are visiting. Explore related ideas to the pages you browse. And see more from your searches with video and social results.

Opera Mini Web Browser

By compressing pages with Opera’s servers, Opera Mini not only loads webpages faster, but it saves on data charges since it uses about a tenth of the data of normal browsers. Opera Mini is the ultimate browser for browsing on slow
Internet connections or while paying per megabyte of data used.

Boat Browser

Boat Browser is a fast,clean and ease of use android browser. This is a fast, simple and pretty web browser, which will bring you the greatest user experience on Android.

Nine Powerful Apps That Convert Your iPhone Into A Knowledge Hub

No matter how many applications you have installed on your iOS device, you are always on the lookout for the next free and fun iOS app and specially for those apps that may make your iPhone more useful for you. Thanks to countless iOS developers you have a plethora of such apps to choose from. To save your time that would otherwise be spent on searching for these apps, we present a wonderful list of  free and useful iOS applications for iPhone or any type of iOS users.

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The NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package.

Dictionary & Thesaurus

The free app delivers trusted reference content from and No internet internet connection is needed to search words. The app includes nearly 2,000,000 words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms. It also features audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search and’s popular Word of the Day and Hot Word blog.

History:Maps of World

“History:Maps of World” is a fun and educational collection of high-resolution historical maps. Check it out to keep up with your history, learn something about history.

Science Glossary

A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies. All definitions link to related terms and to free, detailed science learning modules. Though geared for high school and undergraduate student’s using it’s website, the glossary and modules are appropriate for anyone generally interested in science.

World Wiki

You can get quick access to detailed demographic information of almost 250 countries around the world, right on your iPhone or iPod touch.


WhatTheFact?! is a collection of over 400 true and bizarre facts. With WhatTheFact, you can impress your friends with your knowledge of pointless trivia, or simply waste hours of your life obtaining knowledge you’ll never need in the real world!


This application gives you detailed information (Flag, Current ruler, Area, Population, Capital, Largest cities, Languages, Ethnicity/race, Religion, Literacy rate, Economy, Government) about all the Countries of the World.


The HowStuffWorks app not only gives you instant access to a massive collection of articles and podcasts right on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but also you gives you direct access to our famous podcasters and HowStuffWorks experts.


Accessing Wikipedia has never been faster and easier than with Wikipanion, designed for easy, search, navigation and display of Wikipedia entries. Streamline your browsing with history grouped by visit date, and bookmarking that not only bookmarks individual entries, but individual sections within an entry.

Five Essential Free iPhone Apps That Can Come In Handy At Any Time

iPhone owners have a large option of applications available to them. These apps range from every day utilities to games. Many of these apps are so useful that quickly become a necessity if you want to take full advantage of your phone.

Being an iPhone owner myself, I thought it’s best to share my top 5 iPhone apps with my readers. The following 5 applications are absolutely must-haves for all iPhone owners. Check out each entry in the list and see for yourself why these apps are necessary.

iHandy Flashlight Free


We all use our phones to light up a dark space. But having an application built specifically for this purpose can be a great help. The Flashlight application will help you light up a room with the camera’s flash. Alternatively you can get an all-white screen to light up a space. Other lighting options include viewing a spiral on the screen, having a neon-type display, or having a glow-stick type display. In other words, this application provides multiple ways of lighting up a dark space and will be the only flashlight application you need. Download Flashlight from



Faking a text conversation on the iPhone can be surprisingly helpful. Whether you want to have fun by fooling a friend or use the text conversation as an excuse for something, Fake-a-Text will serve perfectly. You can create custom messages that will be sent to your phone; the sender’s ID will be whatever you choose. As your reply to the fake texts, the app keeps sending the custom texts in the order you specified thereby faking a complete text conversation. There is no limit to the number of fake texts that can be specified. Download Fake-a-Text from

Free Wi-Fi


Free Wi-Fi is a greatly handy application that does exactly what its name suggests: it finds free Wi-Fi spots nearby your current location. Your location along with the hotspots are displayed on a map. Using the app you can quickly access free internet to check your emails or peform any other internet activity. Free Wi-Fi can be downloaded from



When you find Wi-Fi networks through the Free Wi-Fi, you can test which one of them has the fastest speed through the SpeedTest app. Using the app you can test the download and upload speed of the network you are connected to. If you find that the network speed is too slow, you can switch to other available Wi-Fi networks. SpeedTest can be gotten at

Road Trip Lite


With the rising cost of fuel, owning a car has become quite expensive. Because of the high costs involved, you need to closely monitor the mileage, fuel economy, and maintenance expenses for your car. This is why Road Trip Lite is an essential application for everything iPhone owner who has a car. You can keep a log of your car’s maintenance costs and mileage within the app. Unlike similar apps, this app does not limit the amount of data you can specify. You can download the app from

10 Simplest Ways To Increase Your iPhone’s Battery Life That Majority Of People Don’t Realize

We use our smartphones to make calls, send and receive text messages, take picture, shoot and view videos, play games, and use various applications. All of this, needless to say, considerably drains the phone’s battery. If you do not take the right steps and modify your phone’s settings appropriately, your phone will need charging every now and then.

Charging the phone every day is surely inconvenient for all phone owners. Thankfully there are a number of steps you can take to increase your iPhone’s battery life. To check out what these tips are, read on the list below. Most of these tips apply to all smartphones; so even you own a smartphone other than iPhone, you will find these tips very helpful.

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1. Turn Off Bluetooth


Bluetooth is used to transfer data from or to your phone. Activating Bluetooth takes a significatnt toll on the battery life. Therefore whenever you are not using Bluetooth, turn it off. Moreover, if you have a choice between transferring the data between the phone and your computer, opt for the phone’s cable instead of the Bluetooth connection.

2. Lower the Screen Brightness


Our phones are usually set at a brightness higher than the one we are comfortable with. By lowering the phone’s brightness not only will you save the battery, but also make viewing your phone more comfortable.

3. Keep Phone Firmware, OS, and Applications Updated


Timely look for latest versions of your phone’s firmware and OS. Moreover look for the latest versions for your installed applications. Usually new updates are less of a burden on the battery than their predecessors.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi


The principle behind turning off Wi-Fi is the same as turning off Bluetooth. By being on while you are not using it, Wi-Fi needlessly consumes battery power. Therefore keep the phone’s Wi-Fi off while it is not in use.

5. Turn off GPS and Location services


GPS is another one of your phone’s features that uses up the battery. All apps that have ‘checking in’ or location services use GPS. Thus by disabling these applications and by disabling GPS you will considerably improve the phone’s battery life.

6. Reduce the auto-lock time


This might be a micro tip, but an important one nonetheless. If your phone auto-locks quicker, than the screen turns off at an earlier time. Each time this happens the phone’s battery is saved up and in the end this accumulates to impressive battery savings.

7. Turn off Push mail and reduce data fetching time


Push mail forwards SMSs and other data from the server to your phone as soon as the data arrives.  Needless to say this requires an active connection that consumes battery power. Since most text messages are non-urgent, you can safely turn off push mail and reduce the data fetching time to, say, 15 minutes. This way you will receive text messages 15 minutes late, in the worst delay case, but considerably save the battery life of your phone.

8. Turn off needless sounds and vibrations

Each time the ‘beep’ sounds is made while you press a phone key, battery power is consumed. Any sound your phone produces drains the battery a little. The same applies to the phone’s vibrations. Therefore disabling the unnecessary sounds and vibrations will also save your phone’s battery.

9.  Disable the equalizer settings for the phone’s music player


By playing music at a non-default settings, the phone puts in extra effort; this is done by consuming more battery power. Disabling the equalizer use only the default power from the phone’s battery.

10. Complete a charge cycle each month

A charge cycle means charging your phone to the maximum level and then draining it to zero. Doing so every month ensures smooth functioning of the battery. Furthermore this increases the long term life of the battery.

8 Totally Awesome Apps That Can Turn Your iPhone Into What It’s Not

No matter how many applications you have installed on your iOS device, you are always on the lookout for the next free and fun iOS app and specially for those apps that may make your iPhone more useful for you. Thanks to countless iOS developers you have a plethora of such apps to choose from. To save your time that would otherwise be spent on searching for these apps, we present a wonderful list of  free and useful iOS applications for iPhone users.

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Genius Scan

Genius Scan turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner. Fast and streamlined, Genius Scan enables you to quickly scan documents on-the-go, send the scans by email or whole documents as PDF. Unlike other scanner applications, Genius Scan is lightning fast and user input is kept to a minimum.

Coin Flip

Wanna flip a coin for a hard decision? This app let you select your favorite coins to try your luck. The coins in iPhone will flip just like real coins flipping in the air. You can even use your iPhone to toss a coin with the same gesture tossing a real coin. The coins are beautiful, making you feel even better than tossing real coins.

Brightest Flashlight

Brightest Flashlight Free is a great flashlight that offers you all the convenience of a Flashlight for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. This is very handy for night time illumination. You can use Flashlight Free not only as a Flashlight, but as a night light and reading lamp as well.

USB Disk

USB Disk lets you store and view documents on your iPhone and iPod. It has an amazing built in document viewer and is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface, yet it contains many powerful features. You can drag and drop files in iTunes to transfer them to your iPhone / iPod, then view them anywhere.


Compass is a a measuring instrument which indicates the cardinal points under the sunlight. Put your finger in the middle of the compass and line it’s shadow up with the app’s shading.

TV Remote

This application is Wi-Fi remote control of Samsung Internet@TV for 2010. If both your iPhone and TV were connected to the same access point, your iPhone is linked with TV automatically and you can use your iPhone like general remote.

Mirror in your pocket

We all need to check our hair or makeup sometimes and this application is here to help. Just tilt the mirror properly so that you can get a good light from behind, you will then be able to perfectly see your reflection in the black background of the mirror.

Metal Detector

MetalDetector is a app for iphone 3Gs. It use the magnetometer to measure the magnetic field when the iphone is placed near a feromagnetic metal like iron or steel.

7 Best Android Apps Students Can Really Make Use Of

Most of the students buy Android devices for fun, gaming and social activities. Some buy it for marking their status symbol in the society. No matter what your reason is but you can always use it to help it with your studies or at least a pocket tool to provide you help on the go. No matter what stream of studies you are in because anyone can always find a useful application for his daily educational needs. Below are 7 handpicked application to make your school and college life easier and the good news is they are free and will not cost you a penny from your pocket money.

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator


A fully featured scientific calculator in a student pocket is very important but if you are carrying an Android you can just install RealCalc and forget the rest. RealCalc A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing. It provide Result history, Unit conversions, Percentages, 10 memories, Hex/binary/octal, Trig functions in degrees; radians or grads, Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes, Digit grouping, RPN mode and a full built-in help.

Formulas Lite

formulas light

How good are you in remembering the confusing formulas of Physics and Math, Well I sucked at it. Wished I had something like Formulas Lite for Android at that time. A must have App for all students. Formulas Lite is a simple, easy to use application which helps you to refer collection of most important formulas of maths, physics & chemistry.

Calculus Tools

calculus tools

Calculus is the mother of calculation and you may get involved with it no matter what field you are working on. This application help you with calculus and finds derivatives, computes definite integrals, arc lengths, finds Taylor series, plots graphs of functions, including polar and parametric and slope fields. It also includes integral tables and custom keyboard

Memory Trainer

memory trainer

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. No matter how many books you study, if you don’t have a sharp memory its as good as its in drain. Memory Trainer is an app to exercise your nerve muscles and train them to remember intense amount of data. It works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills.

ColorDict Universal Dictionary

universal dictionary

A pocket dictionary can be useful where ever you go and ColorDict is one such useful dictionary app. Its more than just a dictionary; it’s a thesaurus, bible dictionary and foreign-language dictionary all rolled into one. It supports Quick Search Box and Color Note App to make your referencing easier.

Perfect Chemistry Lite

perfect chemistry

The application is a must have Android application for all the chemical engineers out there. It is a fun game and reference application with following set of modules to help you on the go. With Perfect Chemistry lite, you can balance chemical equations, solve different questions about elements, get details about different chemical compounds and much more.

World FactBook

world factbook

A student should be well versed with the most important acts round the globe. World Factbook is a mobile version of popular CIA World Factbook. This application provides facts, information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for about 250 world countries.  So read it when every you are free and get a chance to boost your IQ.

10 Evergreen (Yet Free) iPad Apps To Kill Your Boredom

Wondering how to have fun with your iPad? One obvious way is to play games or try fun apps on it. And here we are listing down Top 10 Evergreen iPad Apps To Kill Your Boredom. Read on my list of top 10 free iPad apps for your entertainment. Try them all out – they’re free!

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Atlas of the World

A Digital Atlas of the United States and the World, with satellite images of over 400 famous landmarks. The World map lets you view data at the country level, while the United States can be viewed at the state and county levels. Data is provided from the World Bank, Wikipedia and the 2000 US Census.

Optical Illusions

An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. This Simple Application is a collection containing 70 different optical illusions. Just watch them and be amazed.

Mood Sense Lite

Mood Sense knows that your mood is so much more than just happy or sad. You are a unique and complex individual with intricate feelings. Let the Mood Sense Podlingz (4 specialized oracles trained exclusively to interpret your feelings and emotions) read the deep ripples of your inner being and enlighten you.

Google Earth

With Google Earth for iPad, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. You can explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population and a third of the world’s land mass.

Save Stickly – Free Fall Down Game

Do You Have What It Takes To Save Stickly? Save Stickly is an addicting, fun, (and free) fall down game. Simply tilt your device left and right to falldown the holes in the game. Avoid the ceiling for as long as possible to keep from crushing Stickly.

10,500+ Cool Facts

What’s a better way to waste your time than learning 10,513 new cool facts? With this app you can learn thousands of those facts that you might did not know before.


A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. You can discover when you can see your favorite planet, and where to look in the sky in relation to the stars and so much more.

Fotopedia Heritage

With 25,000 awe-inspiring photos, this much loved app has been called the world’s largest photo book, an inspiring travel guide, an entertaining teaching device and even a bed-time relaxation tool.

700 City Maps

Tired of having the paper map blown to pieces by the wind every time you try to figure out where you are and where you need to go? The mobile streetmaps are for you, All the map data is loaded on your iPAd before you leave your home, so can you be on the streets, offline, and still know everything about the area you are in, and locate yourself or any street in the city. You don’t need any network connection at all once the application is installed on your iPhone.

Test Your IQ

Desire To Know Your IQ? “TEST YOUR IQ” is the easiest way to check your IQ with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The test is fully consistent with the standards of IQ testing. You are offered to answer various questions. At the end of testing, the program will calculate your IQ.

Top 10 Evergreen (Yet Free) iPhone Apps To Kill Your Boredom

Wondering how to have fun with your iPhone? One obvious way is to play games on it. And here we are listing down Top 10 Evergreen iPhone Apps To Kill Your Boredom. Read on my list of top 10 free iPhone apps for your entertainment. Try them all out – they’re free!

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Namco’s world famous arcade game, PAC-MAN, returns. Remember all the hours spent munching on the dots? Relive this classic! Chomp a Power Pellet to momentarily turn the ghosts blue. When they’re blue you can eat them for bonus points. Gobble up the fruit for extra bonus points.

Tic Tac Toe Free

Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free. Tic Tac Toe Free is the first full-featured, free Tic-Tac-Toe game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Klondike solitaire is the most popular solitaire card game in the world. The goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending rank.


The original Bubble popping app for the iPhone/Touch! Strangely addictive and fun game where you pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can.

Checkers Free

Have you been searching for a free checkers application for your iPhone or iPod Touch? If so, look no further, Checkers Free is the premier free checkers application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


You can play SCRABBLE on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free. It allows you to play up to 25 games against friends via Facebook + 25 more games against random opponents.

3D Pool Master Pro

3D Pool Master was very well received hitting #1 is many countries and now over passed 1M downloads world wide.

Line Up FREE

Line Up is a fun color matching game. Click on blocks of 3 or more of the same color, as quickly as you can, before they overflow the board. Get ready for a new challenge each time you play Line Up.

Paper Toss

Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled up a piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in a small trash can? This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ball of crumpled paper into a metal trash basket. So realistic, you will think you are stuck in an office killing time.

Angry Birds Lite

Angry Birds Lite features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 12 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.

7 Must Try Multiplayer Games For Your Android Device

Playing games on your Android smartphone is fun but one can feel monotonous and bored playing the same game all by himself round the clock. The best solution to the problem is playing multiplayer games with other players around the world and socializing at the same time. It will not only make you cheer up but also test you with other insane players. Finding decent multiplayer games can be difficult in the android market and thus here is our handpicked list of 7 most astonishing multiplayer games that will surely groove you and kill your boredom.

Cestos 2 Party Time


Cestos is one of the most loved multiplayer game in Android and now it just got better with Cestos 2 Party Time. Both Cestos and its sequel are based upon principle of physics and believe me you are sure to love it at the arena. The game can be played online with other players round the globe. In the game a player is given set of marbles and he need to control it by determining their direction and velocity. Once all the player have setup their marbles its time for a launch. The player whose marble make it till the end of the game without falling into the pit and blown by hidden mines is the winner. Cestos 2 is not just about playing game and winning it also provides a bit of social activities such as Avatars and chartrooms to interact to other players. The game runs on a very light engine and will work flawlessly on basic 3G connection.

Project INF Beta

project INF

Project INF Beta is a shooting genre multiplayer game and believe me it’s the best in its class. The game is launched by ChickenBrickStudios and is free to play. The game is slow-paced and provide great control. Players can comepete with one another in deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag events. There are different ranking available for you such as Scout, Marine, or Brute with each having its own set of skills. Well only shooting is not important in the game you also need to collect money to upgrade your inventory. One tip if you are planning to play the game, keep your alias a little more appealing and brood.

Parallel Kingdom Age of Thrones


No its nothing like Lord of The Rings where you need to kill the king and all it’s horses. The game is set in current time and the map is you real-time position through GPS on Google maps. All what you need to do is fight with other players online near you All you have to do is  fight with other players, place flags, plant trees, gather resources, collect items and fight with a variety of creatures  or visit other players inside the game, place flags, plant trees, gather resources and collect items. The game is very addictive and will surely take you back with its concept and game playing.

Sketch online


Seriously how good are you in drawing, because this game will test your drawing skills and at the same time your imagination skills too. The game is free alternative of the game “What The Doodle” and is in no way a compromise against money. The objective of the game is simple; a player has to draw a given word while other players have to guess it. If a player correctly guess what you are drawing he and you both gets one point, if no one was able to guess then the game punishes you with a negative point.

2 Player Reactor

2 Player Reactor

This game is a single device multiplayer game that means you cannot play the game online but rather you can play with your friends on a single device. The concept of the game is the first one to react to whatever’s queried on the screen correctly gains a point. It measure your reflexes against your friends word matches color, 5 different shapes, Mouse in maze, Countdown hits zero, Sad Smiley and many more. If you are running out of your bandwidth or don’t have an internet connection at your camping this game will surely groove you. The game is all about checking the response time of the players based upon some stimulus. The game supports 2-4 players and is lot more fun to play.

HomeRun Battle 3D Free


The game is dedicated to all the baseball fans. The game has most promising graphics among the above mentioned games. It’s the winner of Best Sports Game of 2009 from Best App Ever, and Touch Arcade. The game is all about playing Basebass and scoring as many homeruns as you can competing with several other player around the world.

Pocket Legends (3D MMO)

pocket kegendsmmo

Pocket Legends” is a ground-breaking and unique Mobile MMORPG, or ‘massively-multiplayer online role-playing game’ where you can join thousands of players from around the world. Play with your friends and make new friends online. Cooperate to undertake wild adventures in endless dungeon campaigns! Become a part of this unique fantasy epic! Assume the role of a powerful bear-like Ursan Warrior, mystical Elf Enchantress, or Avian Archer. In one word it’s the World of Warcraft in your pockets.

The 69 Coolest Apps Of 2010

The year 2010 is almost ended. We have explored and reviewed so many useful tools and resources for you all the year. Today, we are going to take a look on few of the web apps we have featured that we think you would like bookmark for 2011. I hope designers, developers and programmers will like this list, but you can also use them and will love them whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc. They are really amazing in respect to their features. This is the list of 69 Coolest Web Apps Of 2010 at Work. We have categorized them as Web Apps, Desktop Apps and Smartphone/Tablet PC Apps. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

You are welcome if you want to share more cool apps that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

Web Apps is an impromptu meeting space that happens wherever, whenever. It’s getting a second or third pair of eyes on your presentation from across the hall or across the continent. It’s sharing your screen instantly with anyone or everyone to get stuff done, quickly.

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Kodingen is an Online Development Environment including Code Editor, Cloud Hosting, Database Administration, Collaboration, Web based access to file-system, Web based ftp & svn integration.

Read More : 11 Robust Web Based Editors To Code Directly From Your Browser

Write Maps


Write Maps is a free web app which allows its users to create, edit and share sitemaps online. With sitemaps, a blogger can easily plan the layout of their newest website according to its topic and for people who like to work in teams; the ability to collaborate and work on a project on a centrally stored sitemap through Write Maps is a great way to get the job done.

Read More : 6 Excellent (Free) Tools For Website Owners You Might Not Know About



MyStickies allows you to add sticky notes to webpages while you’re visiting the page and save it for later. The saved web pages can later be reviewed and edited from any other computer. MyStickies not only bookmarks the webpages in its online repository, but also saves the pages on how you tagged content on it and presents it the same way later. MyStickies is completely free to use.

Read More : Awesome (Yet Free) Sticky Note Taking Web Apps You Probably Never Used Before



PhotoPeach is a great free web based slideshow creation service which allows creating, sharing and embedding slideshows online for any type of content which you want. A sign up is required to use the service.

Read More : Ten Best Web Services to Create Free Slideshows Online


Sketchfu is simple drawing website where people can share their drawing with each other.

Read More : Five Excellent (Just For Fun) Websites To Kill Your Boredom


Wix - Create a free website,  Free MySpace layouts & Flash MySpace layouts

With Wix you can create a free website or make your free MySpace layouts and Flash MySpace layouts. It’s the simpler, faster, better way to build & design on the web.

Read More : 13 Easy And Powerful Website Building Tools To Create Your Free Site



HRLocker is low cost HR management software designed for managing employee record and things associated with it. With HRLocker you can streamline annual leave and absence management, manage HR documents online, organize time sheets and generate reports. HRLocker comes with a lot of customization options as well.

Read More : 5 (Free) Handy Business Tools That Employers Can Totally Make Use Of



GoWaza is a web service that helps you plan your travels. You enter your destination, along with arrival and departure dates; consequently a list of nearby hotels and their prices are provided. The locations are marked on a small map that can be enlarged. You can share your created maps and trips with your friends that have accounts on GoWaza.

Read More : 7 Free Tools To Create Maps And Directions Online



Mobyko gives you complete control over your cellphone as it allows you to safely backup your important contacts and their details online, securely in your Mobyko account. It also features live syncing of contacts, phonebook and calendar present in your cellphone in sync with those present online so whether you make changes in one or the other, your data stays consistent throughout.

Read More : 7 Excellent Tools That Make Phone Data Backup Easier Than Ever



NameChk’s feature and usage is quite simple: it simply check for the available of the entered username across many social networking and social bookmarking websites.

Read More : 6 Free Tools To Look For Username Availability On Multiple Social Networks


Tired of printing web pages only to find your printout is full of ads, empty space and other junk you don’t want? PrintWhatYouLike is a free online editor that lets you format any web page for printing in seconds.

Read More : 9 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)



Through Abouthisite you can find out the main details of a site – owner’s name, daily visitors, language, server location, server location’s on a map, thumbnail image of the homepage, and the color composition of the thumbnail image.

Read More : 10 Great Online Tools That Help You Find Out A Lot About Live Websites


Skylight puts powerful but easy-to-use business management tools in the hands of the whole team, in or out of the office. Skylight helps business users achieve success while providing anytime, anywhere access to important business information. Projects, contacts, resources, accounts and files in one place.

Read More : Absolutely Useful Web Apps For People Who Run Business

TimsFreeStuff HTML Editor


This real time HTML editor solves the problem of continuously switching between browser windows and provides a live show of what HTML code would look like in a separate preview pane. This solves the problem of first writing the HTML code in the web development software and then testing it in the browser window.

Read More : The Best Online Real-Time HTML Editors Internet Has To Offer


dushare is a simple direct file-file-transfer service. It makes sending unlimited file sizes between two people as simple as clicking a link. You can send you files to your peers directly (P2P) with no server for upload/download.

Read More : The 7 [More] Best Free File Hosting Services To Store Your Files


Qhub is a platform you can use on your blog or website that allows your audience to ask questions and get real answers, it doesn’t just help answer questions it allows a genuine community to develop around your site.

Read More : Five Great Web Apps For People Who Run Professional Websites



SnapBird is a free online tool that helps you search Twitter for things in a much better way than Twitter’s native search allows. Using SnapBird you can search for a particular keyword in a particular Twitter user’s stream. You can also search for items in Tweets with your mentions or in the sent and received DMs (direct messages). In addition to those features, SnapBird lets you search for items in very old Tweets along with the latest ones.

Read More : The 5 Really Useful Twitter Apps You Should Know About

Slide Deck


Slideshows on websites serve an important purpose: they easily let you showcase the latest or the most popular content of your website. Instead of spending a lot of time coding up the slideshow, you can use Slide Deck. Slide Deck will provide you with the slideshow you desire for your website. It comes as a jQuery plug-in and a WordPress plug-in.

Read More : The 5 Must-Have Resources For A Web Designer’s Toolbox



TeamworkPM is an online tool that can help you manage those tasks in an easy manner. No matter how big or small your team, the online service will help you setup a good communicating ground for your team.

Read More : Awesome (Yet Free) Web Apps To Make Project Managers Lives Easier

Webpage Test

Through “Webpage Test” you can set a number of parameters before you begin testing a URL. The test results are comprehensively broken down into speed tests, JavaScript file sizes, and image file sizes. The site also provides tools to compare the performance of multiple websites.

Read More : 7 Excellent Website To Test And Compare Website Speed


LiveMocha offers free and paid plans. It provides its users with a unique combination of tutorials and practice with native speakers from around the world.

Read More : 5 Best Free Websites To Learn Foreign Languages


Bounce is a little app that lets people quickly to add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.

Read More : 7 Excellent Websites To Get Design Feedback Visually Instead Of Emailing Back And Forth

Project Bubble


Project Bubble is a simple and easy tool for managing your projects, client and invoices. It’s intuitive interface makes project management a breeze. You can easily generate PDF invoices and get paid through PayPal.

Read More : 10 Best Business Web Apps To Make Your Lives Easier


icloud lets you do just that. icloud is a web service that provides its users with a virtual desktop. After creating an account and signing in to it, you virtual desktop loads up.

Read More : 7 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About But Should

Flash Paint


Flash Paint is a full web based drawing tool with many drawing features. The feature I liked best was its ability to create complex geometrical drawings with ease. This was achieved through a combination of lines and curves which you can modify easily.

Read More : Top 15 Online Tools For Drawing And Sketching



Zoho is the name for a collection of services. The entries you see in the image above are only few of what Zoho has to offer. We can sign up for an account and use Zoho’s services to easily gather ideas and create plus modify files / documents / images / presentations as a group. Click here to visit Zoho.

Read More : 10 Collaborative Brainstorming Web Apps When You Work As A Group



WhatTheFont recognizes fonts in the same way as IdentifyFont. The image we upload can be of GIF, JPEG, TIFF or BMP image format and must not have more than 25 characters. As the characters are scanned by the website, we are asked to confirm if the right character has been confirmed. The site then proceeds to analyze each character and find our font.

Read More : 5 Online Tools For Designers To Help Recognize Unknown Fonts



IDriveSync syncs files online and across multiple PCs. On installing and logging into the application, it opens up a ‘Sync’ area where you can drag-n-drop files from your PC into or add your files into. Anytime you make a change to synced data anywhere on those multiple PCs, all the PCs will shortly reflect the modified data. IDriveSync does easy sharing too.

Read More : 5+2 Best Apps To Securely Sync Online And Share Your Files



1DayLater is a free website that lets users enter tasks and enter the value of those tasks either in time units, money, or distance units. Once we have all our tasks fed into our 1DayLater account, we can view graphs of our activities and vary the graph parameters to see what our time/money/distance is being concentrated on.

Read More : 10 Perfect Web Apps To Simplify Every Internet User’s Life



With Youblisher you can make your pdf documents flippable and attractive looking book style presentation. It is like touching a real document.

Read More : 11 Amazing Free Web Applications To Make Your Lives Easier



Lookout is a free application compatible with all major mobile operating systems. In addition to the remote location and remote controlling features, the application also has built-in antivirus and firewall tools that protect it against malware.

Read More : Top 5 Software To Secure And Locate Your Lost Cell Phones

Web Page to PDF

Web2PDF Converter helps Internet users, website publishers and bloggers to save their content to PDF and then share, print or archive it. Web2PDF Converter is fast, powerful and easy to install.

Read More : 10 Must-Have Web Apps Every Internet User Would Love To Know



Springnote is a great way for you to create notebooks for ideas, interests, multimedia, projects, and documents. It allows you to create pages, to work on them together with your friends, and to share files.

Read More : 12 Coolest Web Apps To Simplify Your Business



crocodoc takes your PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and lets you view and mark them up online. Documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively highlight or strikeout text, add notes and comments, and make revisions. All files are stored securely on their servers, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.

Read More : 13 Incredibly Useful Web Apps (You Probably Never Heard Of)



Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. You can use it to send EMAIL or TEXT messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things, post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream and LISTEN to your favourite internet content. It’s easy and hands-free.

Read More : The Three Best Group Messaging Free Web Apps



AppliancesEnergyUse lists the power input of almost 50 household appliances. By finding out how much power we are using simultaneously we can see if we are wasting energy. We can also set a personal power goal for ourselves and vow to never cross that wattage at a given time. Whether or not we are crossing our goal can then be determined by AppliancesEnergyUse.

Read More : 7 Tools And Applications To Help You Save Electrical Power

Draw Anywhere


DrawAnywhere is an online diagramming website, where you can draw, modify and share flowcharts and other diagrams, with the look & feel of a desktop application. It runs on any browser with Flash 9 installed. There is no need to download and install any custom software. It runs entirely on the web, and thus it is an always-on-access-anywhere solution. It meets all your diagramming needs without installing, maintaining and purchasing expensive software.

Read More : Five Best Online Diagramming Tools

Google Notebook


Google Notebook is a free online application offered by Google that allows users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. The browser-based tool permits a user to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session. The information is saved to an online “notebook” with sharing and collaboration features. Notebooks can be made “public”, or visible to others, and can also be used to collaborate with a list of users (either publicly or privately).

Read More : The Six Best Online Note Taking Apps You Would Love To Know

Desktop Apps


Accidentally deleted an important file? Lost something important when your computer crashed? No problem! Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. Even if you’ve formatted a drive so that it looks blank, Recuva can still find your files on it.

Read More : The Lesser Known (But Very Cool) Windows Apps You Might Be Looking For

YouTube Jockey


With YouTube jockey you can save the YouTube videos you watch without having to login with your YouTube or Google account. YouTube Jockey is a video player based on Adobe Air platform and has the ability to search for YouTube videos from within the player and drag and drop feature for playing videos.

Read More : Great Tools For YouTube And Online Music Streaming You Might Didn’t Know Of

Cloud Magic


Cloud Magic is a free web tool that works as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for people running Mac, Windows, or Linux machines. The extension indexes all emails and their data locally. It then provides an interface for you to quickly search those emails. The response time is amazing because your search is conducted locally instead of online. Cloud Magic supports indexing multiple Gmail accounts.

Read More : Totally Awesome Tools To Improve Gmail Productivity

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

AVG Free provides you with basic antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows and is available to download for free. It can work like a fast and effective protection against viruses and spyware. You will stay protected on social networks with AVG Social Networking Protection.

Read More : Top 10 Most Popular Free Security Software (Computer Security Day Special)

Elmedia Mac Media Player

Elmedia Mac media player is a versatile tool that supports multiple formats playback (FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV). No need to install a separate player for each video you want to watch. Enjoy your screening with Elmedia Player.

Read More : 10 Coolest Mac OS X Apps You Might Not Know About



Freemake is an installable video converter for Windows operating systems. In addition to converting videos to AVI, MP4, 3GP, and DVD formats, the application can also rip DVDs, rip audio from videos, and split videos and upload them to YouTube as a playlist.

Read More : 5 Excellent Freeware Tools To Edit Your Videos The Easy Way

Google Dictionary


Google Dictionary extension is Google’s own extension for its own browser, Chrome. With the extension installed, Chrome users will no longer need to bookmark any dictionary websites. The extension simplifies looking up word meanings by eliminating the need to visit a dictionary website in a new tab.

Read More : 7 Insanely Cool Google Chrome Extensions

Apture Highlights

Apture Highlights is a free tool, built from the ground up to let you take the power of Google search, and the richness YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikipedia with you to any site. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web’s best content without ever leaving the page. Fast, powerful, and fun.

Read More : The 9 Insanely Cool Google Chrome Extensions You May Need To Know About


Lunascape is the world’s only triple engine browser. With Lunascape, you can choose the right engine at the right time, realizing a dramatic decrease in web-browser compatibility issues, long loading times, and messed up websites display. You need only 2 clicks to change your engine. Lunascape is 20 times faster than IE7, 6.5 times faster than IE8. And it stays up! We have gone head to head with well-known “fast” browsers, and have achieved one of the fastest JavaScript speed.

Read More : The 7 Useful (And Unknown) Web Browsers That Are Worth A Try

Smart Defrag


Smart Defrag is a tiny Windows compatible utility sized at only 1.8 MB. When you run the program, you can view all your hard drive partitions. Click on the partition you feel is responding slowly, and perform an analysis to see if any files require defragmentation.

Read More : The 5 (Really) Cool Windows Tools You Might Need


AppFresh helps you to keep all applications, widgets, preference panes and application plugins installed on your Mac up to date. All from one place, easy to use and fully integrated into Mac OS X.

Read More : 13 Excellent Mac Utilities You Might Not Know About (But Should)



CodySafe is a simple to use program that can be installed on any flash drive or removable media. The installer is only 2.1 MB large and installs directly to your flash drive.

Read More : Now Easily Manage Your Portable Apps With CodySafe

IE Tab


Some sites can only be displayed using IE, and with this extension you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome. Great for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine, users who use sites with ActiveX controls, and users who want to use the explorer view for local files.

Read More : 13 Google Chrome Extensions To Simplify Web Designer’s Life

Windows Memory Diagnostic


Microsoft has its own memory testing tool and it is called Windows Memory Diagnostic. The program performs a series of extensive tests on your system to find anything wrong with your computer’s memory. This tool also gives you the options to either create a bootable floppy disk or CD / DVD (by burning the image). Booting from the disk or optical disk will automatically begin the testing process.

Read More : Top 5 Tools To Test Your Computer Memory



CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.

Read More : The 7 Most Advanced (And Free To Use) System Security Tools For Windows 7

FastestFox – Browse Faster


You can save time and get faster, parallelized downloads, quick definitions, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and can do more with FastestFox.

Read More : 9 Insanely Useful Firefox Add-Ons That Will Save Your Time



iSynchronize is an application that synchronizes the original file or folder of aliases. It creates a folder in your home directory, where you can put either real files and folders or aliases, and then syncs the contents to another folder you specify. The application concludes a daemon that does al the work in the background.

Read More : 15 Free Mac OS X Apps That Can Make Your Lives Easier



ComparePSD compares two Adobe Photoshop PSD files for you and highlights the differences. It can compare the difference Layer by layer, Effect by effect. ComparePSD allows you to select the files in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on them.

Read More : 8 (More) Desktop Applications That Designers May Want To Know

Smartphone And Tablet PC Apps

0.03 Seconds


0.03 Seconds was the top iOS game in many countries within 2 days of its release. The game, sized at 11.9 MB, helps you judge your reaction time. Through a variety of responses it determines how fast you react and tap the screen.

Read More : 10 Totally Awesome iPhone Apps That Are Fun And Free of Cost

Read It Later

When you come across an article or a webpage you’d like to read but can’t at that time, save it to your Read it Later list. You can then read it whenever you have a moment, on the couch, in your commute, on the plane, train, or practically

Read More : Ten Worth Using iPad Apps You (Probably) Never Used Before

Google Mobile App

You can use Google Mobile App to search fast from your phones. It has some stunning features like you can speak your queries instead of typing, use pictures to search the web, avoid typing your current location while searching for nearby businesses (e.g. “pizza” or “best buy”). You can also quickly navigate to other Google services, such as Maps and Gmail. Available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and Nokia S60.

Read More : The Most Essential Apps For Smartphones You Can’t Live Without

Chess with Friends


This simple game lets you play chess over the network with a friend or a random player. The game’s simple functionality and cool graphics make the game worthwhile.

Read More : 10 (More) Free iPhone Games To Kill Your Boredom

LEGO Photo

Here’s an app to immortalize your favorite things and those special moments in LEGO form. Just point the camera, snap a pic, press the button, and watch the masterpiece build.

Read More : 12 Totally Awesome (Yet Free) Photography Apps For Your iPhone

WordPress for Android

The initial release of WordPress for Android has focused on giving you the ability to manage your blog while on the go. You can manage posts, comments, pages.

Read More : The 7 Must-Have Apps For Android Phones To Make Your Lives Easier

Google Earth

Google Earth

With Google Earth for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world’s population and a third of the world’s land mass.

Read More : The Fun Way To Keep You Busy With 6 Free iPad Apps

Wi-Fi Finder


This app for iPhone has tremendous use. Instead of shaking your phone to discover a good Wi-Fi signal, you can Wi-Fi Finder to find many free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots. The app has indexed over 280,000 locations in 140 countries worldwide.

Read More : 10 Great iPhone Apps For Daily Life Usage

Hair MakeOver Lite

Do you want to find out what is the best hairstyle for you and your friends? With Hair MakeOver you can try on many different kind of hair styles and hair cuts in less than a minute on your iPhone. There are 32 32 hairstyles that you can try in this app.

Read More : 10 Fun iPhone Apps You May Want To Be Entertained

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

sleep clock

Just running and jogging and taking control over your eating habits is not important. Studies shows that adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to stay fit. Now with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock relax and get to sleep easier by playing soothing sounds. It can also wake you up after specified time to keep you going.

Read More : 10 Android Apps To Keep You Fit And Healthy

Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Since its release for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices, over 10 million copies of the game have been purchased and versions have appeared for other touchscreen-based smartphones. You can download this app for your Samsung Galaxy Tab from Android Market.

Read More : Five Must Have Apps For Samsung Galaxy Tab



It’s easy to use the Mobile App on your iPhone. Simply drag your finger to crop, adjust color, apply effects. You can crop, rotate, change color with just a touch, give an extra glow with Soft Focus, apply one-touch effects like Warm Vintage and Vignette etc.

Read More : 14 iPhone Clients That Would Actually Make Your Lives Easier

12 Totally Awesome (Yet Free) Photography Apps For Your iPhone

No matter how many applications you have installed on your iOS device, you are always on the lookout for the next free and fun iOS app and specially for photography apps that may help you capture and edit your photos taken from your iPhone. Thanks to countless iOS developers you have a plethora of such apps to choose from. To save your time that would otherwise be spent on searching for these apps, we present a wonderful list of  free and useful iOS applications for photography fans.

You are welcome if you want to share more photography apps for iPhone that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

LEGO Photo

Here’s an app to immortalize your favorite things and those special moments in LEGO form. Just point the camera, snap a pic, press the button, and watch the masterpiece build.

Panorama Free

Now you can take spectacular panoramic photos with your iPhone camera. This simple, easy to use camera app will allow you to take professional panoramic photos of anything you want.

Camera Fun

If you want to have fun with your iPhone camera, you can put Photoshop lens onto your iPhone camera and have a blast watching the world differently using Camera Fun.

Crop for Free

Crop for Free is a simple yet useful app for your iPhone because most of the time you would need to use any complex app for simple task like cropping the images.


You can make hilarious pics of your friends in unbelievable places like put them next to a charging bear, friendly sumo etc.


This app will help you recolor your photos by brushing with your finger to create amazing new artwork and effects. Create things like multicolored apples, blue lions, green polka dot strawberries, and so on. Your imagination is the
only limit.

HDR for Free

HDR (High Dynamic Range) images use a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. Basically, for us non-technical folk, it makes images look sweet! Those lame and vanilla looking outdoor photos will look awesome.

Color Splash Free

Color Splash Free lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.

MyEyes Free

My Eyes allows you to easily switch the eyes in your image and create new looks by choosing from different color, silly, and unique eyes. Have fun creating new images of yourself, your friends, or even your pets.

FilterFX for Free

Filter FX is an application that allows the user to enhance their photos using different filter effects. You will love this app if you like using the filters on photoshop, lightroom, camerabag, etc

Live Effects Cam

Live Effects is an advanced real-time camera application that lets you view fun, crazy and sometimes artistic effects live through your iPhone or camera equipped iTouch.

Most Popular…

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device. Enjoy having your photo and video library right in your hand, without wasting your device’s valuable storage space. But the dropbacks of Adobe Photoshop Express are that most of the above effects can not be acheived with it.

10 Android Apps To Keep You Fit And Healthy

Someone has rightly said, the greatest wealth is health. Today people are much more conscious about their health, fitness and diet and can go to any extreme just to have a sound body and mind. Getting in shape is not that easy a job and require great workout and patience. If you are an Android user you can have an added advantage by using many fitness apps to help you with your fitness program. Many of the good apps are paid but I have handpicked some of the best free ones to help you with your daily workout.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Walking, jogging and running in the fresh breeze of morning is the best workout and Endomondo is the best app to keep track of your performance. It records your time, distance and speed of your workout and maintain a log of your performance. Even more the app integrates with your Google Maps to give you more detailed results.


Calorie Counter

If you are on a strict diet you need to keep track of all the fats and calories you intake and this tool helps you with that. It calculates the amount of fats and proteins in the food you eat with the largest food database and recommended Daily Intake to achieve your goal weight.

calorie counter


This app simply company you to your gym and train you for jogging, treadmill cycling and other heart related exercise. It also support voice and music played so that you never get bored of your workouts. You can also schedule your exercise if you fear of forgetting and skipping it.

cardio trainer


Obesity is the worst enemy of health and thus this application is ready to help you with  your diet and weight. It monitors your daily weight control by taking a log of your weight and producing it to you in a graphical format. Now check the change of your daily weight and the degree of achievement for your goal weight.



JogTracker is a very simple app that  keeps track of the time and distance for runners, walkers and cyclists. It integrates with your GPS and Google Maps to track and help you find your way.

jog trainer

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

Just running and jogging and taking control over your eating habits is not important. Studies shows that adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to stay fit. Now with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock relax and get to sleep easier by playing soothing sounds. It can also wake you up after specified time to keep you going.

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Workout Coach

Workout coach is an excellent android app to manage your workout routine. With Workout Coach, you can keep track of your of your workout, record logs, manage your running patterns through GPS and manual data entry, define and reach your fitness goals, check your workout statistics and much more.


First Aid

First Aid is an excellent app which helps you follow proper procedures in case of any injury or stressful situation. The application show step by step procedures of what to do in case of any injury such as heart attack, bone or muscle injury etc. The app has different categories from which you can select and check the proper procedure based on illustrations, guides and videos.

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Medicinal Herbs

From centuries, herbal and plants have proved to be an effective medicine for many diseases and injuries. Medicinal Herbs provides users with a list of herbs and plants which can be used to cure different diseases. It has a large database of herbs and plants which contains all the information about that specific herb. Just browse the herb you want to know about and it will display complete information about that herb, how it functions, whether any claims are questionable etc.

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AllSport GPS

With Allsport GPS, you can track your cardio and exercise routine regularly. The app helps you track your routes, distance, time, speed and calories burned; view maps, elevation and speed graphs, customize the display and much more. You can even share the workouts graphs and details on different social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

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