Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It

Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 1

Bloggers today honestly appreciates the power of social networking and how it delivers not only traffic to blogs, important backlinks and of course more recognition. When we talk about social networking the first website that clicks my mind is Digg, followed by Stumbleupon and Reddit. Digg has been around for quiet some time and it actually had gained insane amount of popularity among publishers. It had been known for crushing web servers by sending its loyal visitors to websites.

Digg did change after they launched V4 and it may not be the same anymore but to make it up to its lost users they are putting maximum effort to make things right. Their recent attempt is the new Digg iOS app that is now available on iTunes for absolutely free.

Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 2

I’ve downloaded it, used it and here are the top 5 reasons you should try it too.

Clean Interface

The new Digg iOS app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch comes with a better user interface. You may relate it to the Digg’s mobile version but the iOS version is nothing short of awesome. As soon as you launch the app you will see the front page with the ability to browse via topics or check out the most recent stories. Once you click the “Most recent” tab you can browse topics with just a tap of your finger. This includes

  • Newswire
  • Most Recent
  • Trending
  • Top in 24 hours
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 3


Similarly you can browse the Top News topics by tapping the “Topics” tab. Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 4


Easy Navigation

Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 5

You can preview any story in a list by clicking the item in the list, which will reveal the story description, source, thumbnail, date, and submitter. To read more about a story a new page is displayed with further details. You can either Digg or Bury the story by tapping the links at the bottom. A well organized page makes it easy for you to read the comments and dugg stories faster.

Mobile friendly pages

You can now view websites in an integrated browser. After visiting a page, all the mobile friendly websites will open the page in a readable manner making sure that users don’t get interfered by ads and unwanted content.


Digg App For iOS: 5 Reasons You Should (Really) Use It 6

You can easily share stories with your friends via Facebook or email. If you like to save the pages in Safari you can also open them directly through the App.


The new Digg iOS app is compatible with all the Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All it requires is the iOS 4.2 or later. That being said there are surely some cons that needs to mentioned

  • Can’t check profile for submissions, comments etc.
  • The comments don’t show up sometimes, if there are too many the page refuses to load, and the possible comment tree is not deep enough.

All in all Digg app is awesome as long as you require it for reading pleasure only.

Get Digg App For iOS Here.

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