10 Android Apps To Keep You Fit And Healthy

10 Android Apps To Keep You Fit And Healthy 1

Someone has rightly said, the greatest wealth is health. Today people are much more conscious about their health, fitness and diet and can go to any extreme just to have a sound body and mind. Getting in shape is not that easy a job and require great workout and patience. If you are an Android user you can have an added advantage by using many fitness apps to help you with your fitness program. Many of the good apps are paid but I have handpicked some of the best free ones to help you with your daily workout.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Walking, jogging and running in the fresh breeze of morning is the best workout and Endomondo is the best app to keep track of your performance. It records your time, distance and speed of your workout and maintain a log of your performance. Even more the app integrates with your Google Maps to give you more detailed results.


Calorie Counter

If you are on a strict diet you need to keep track of all the fats and calories you intake and this tool helps you with that. It calculates the amount of fats and proteins in the food you eat with the largest food database and recommended Daily Intake to achieve your goal weight.

calorie counter


This app simply company you to your gym and train you for jogging, treadmill cycling and other heart related exercise. It also support voice and music played so that you never get bored of your workouts. You can also schedule your exercise if you fear of forgetting and skipping it.

cardio trainer


Obesity is the worst enemy of health and thus this application is ready to help you with  your diet and weight. It monitors your daily weight control by taking a log of your weight and producing it to you in a graphical format. Now check the change of your daily weight and the degree of achievement for your goal weight.



JogTracker is a very simple app that  keeps track of the time and distance for runners, walkers and cyclists. It integrates with your GPS and Google Maps to track and help you find your way.

jog trainer

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

Just running and jogging and taking control over your eating habits is not important. Studies shows that adequate sleep is also necessary for the body to stay fit. Now with Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock relax and get to sleep easier by playing soothing sounds. It can also wake you up after specified time to keep you going.

sleep clock

Workout Coach

Workout coach is an excellent android app to manage your workout routine. With Workout Coach, you can keep track of your of your workout, record logs, manage your running patterns through GPS and manual data entry, define and reach your fitness goals, check your workout statistics and much more.


First Aid

First Aid is an excellent app which helps you follow proper procedures in case of any injury or stressful situation. The application show step by step procedures of what to do in case of any injury such as heart attack, bone or muscle injury etc. The app has different categories from which you can select and check the proper procedure based on illustrations, guides and videos.

first aid

Medicinal Herbs

From centuries, herbal and plants have proved to be an effective medicine for many diseases and injuries. Medicinal Herbs provides users with a list of herbs and plants which can be used to cure different diseases. It has a large database of herbs and plants which contains all the information about that specific herb. Just browse the herb you want to know about and it will display complete information about that herb, how it functions, whether any claims are questionable etc.

medicinal herbs

AllSport GPS

With Allsport GPS, you can track your cardio and exercise routine regularly. The app helps you track your routes, distance, time, speed and calories burned; view maps, elevation and speed graphs, customize the display and much more. You can even share the workouts graphs and details on different social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

allsports gps

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