Upload And Share Multiple Images With Pict

Upload And Share Multiple Images With Pict 1

With some of the other free image hosting services on the Internet, you can get bombarded with all sorts of ad banners and other clutter. Further still, most of these require you to create some sort of user account. That is not the case with Pict. The homepage is your album, giving you the ability to quickly and easily upload pictures on the fly. It’s also free of ad banners.

How It Works
By clicking on any of the boxes within the Pict homepage grid, an upload dialog will pop up. While it may seem like you can only upload one image at a time, this picture hosting service actually lets you enjoy multiple simultaneous uploads.


Because there is no need to register for an account with Pict, you may be wondering how you would go about accessing your own uploads after you leave the site. Near the bottom of the main page is the URL to your current album. That URL will direct you to the gallery and if the session cookies are still there, you can click on the upload link to add more pictures.

What if you’re on a public computer or you cleared out your cache? After you complete each uploading session, I suggest you use the “save to email” feature near the top of the page. This will send you an email message with a specialized link, directing you back to your current album and giving you the ability to add more pictures.

A very handy feature that you’ll find with Pict is that every picture uploaded will automatically be resized and saved. In addition to the original size, you will also have access to two options under “mini size” and two more under “medium size.” With the former, the typical image widths are 320px and 640px. For the latter, the typical image widths are 800px and 1024px.

In order to access the different sizes for your images, you first click on the “share” link that pops up when you hover over a picture. From there, switch to advanced mode. There will be code provided for the URL, discussion boards, basic HTML, and a direct link.

When sharing a picture with a friend, they will see the available sizes directly below the image itself. For example, check out the page with the BTR screenshot. I should note that Pict supports JPG, PNG, and GIF formats with files as large as 3.5MB each.

Pict Tools

Whether you’re troubleshooting with a friend or you just want to share something on Twitter, it can be a little bit of an effort to take a screenshot, save the image, and then upload it to an image sharing service. Pict takes care of this scenario as well with its Pict tools:

Pict Screenshot

Pict FireFox Add‐on: This adds a widget to your FireFox toolbar from which you can save a screenshot with a single step. This add‐on also lets you upload images from your computer.

Pict Uploader: This simple windows application allows to upload, manage and share your images and screenshots with one click.

More Features Coming Soon

Pict Team is about to launch new version of their image hosting. The new Pict will have free registration, albums, updated FireFox plugin and some other cool features.

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