Easily Upload, Share And Password Protect Your Images With Anyone By Using Yogile

Easily Upload, Share And Password Protect Your Images With Anyone By Using Yogile 1

You can use your social networking account to share photographs with your friends. But what if you wanted to create an album that friends could add photographs to? Or what if you wanted to create an album and share it with somebody without adding them in your social networking friends?

Most image hosting websites let only one user, the creator of the album, manage the album and add photographs to it. Yogile decided to do things a little differently.

Yogile is a free image hosting website. You can create an account and create photograph albums that do not exceed the 100 MB size limit. Photographs can be batch-uploaded i.e. you can select multiple photographs at a time and they will automatically upload, as opposed to uploading each image individually.


For each album, you get a unique URL that you can share with whomever you want. Visitors to the URL will be able to view your album. Yogile lets you optionally set a password on your albums to make the album access private. Only people who will have the right URL and password will be able to view the album photographs.


The photographs are presented as thumbnails in each album. Visitors can scroll up/down to view these thumbnails. They can also click on a thumbnail to enlarge a photograph; slideshows of the pictures in a given album are also supported.


Album viewers can download individual photos in their original resolution or download the entire album in one go.


If they have any photographs of their own to add to your album, they can do so. The best part is that they will not need to create an account on the website to do this. If they can access the album, they can add photographs to it.


A wonderful and free image hosting solution, Yogile’s future looks bright.

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