10 (More) Free iPhone Games To Kill Your Boredom

Umar Anjum

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  1. tapexpert says:

    TapDefense actually has three level packs – quick mode, original, and endurance at 60 levels. You can also earn up to two more maps through favor points.

  2. Propito.com says:

    relly great, cool game.. i like TapDefense game ^__^

  3. geo says:

    Nice lack of research here. PlayMesh shut down their servers without bothering to tell anyone. People lost year+ of work on characters in at least 20 of their games, not to mention people lost money on points they bought.

    iMafia isn’t available in the appStore and hasn’t been since PlayMesh shut the servers down.

    So nice job listing a game that isn’t available.

  4. Ryo says:

    Huge fan of Trace, love that game.

  5. silk scarf says:

    so good,i like this very much!

  6. Mick Gill says:

    I played Games like these back in the 80s! Not ground-breaking!

    Good Post though! Love your Blog!

  7. Dzinepress says:

    i’m happy to see your list of free iphone games.

  8. skeletor84 says:

    Very good game list. So of these games are very addictive.

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