By DB on June 22, 2010

How To: Turn Android Based Phone Into Wireless iTunes Remote Control

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The iTunes media player is used by many people. Its integration with the App Store allows you to easily stream and purchase the music you like. Although it has an unusually large download size (when compared to other media players), its interface features combine to form a competent media player that has many fans.

If you are an iPhone or any other Apple device user, you might already have stumbled across an application or two that enables remotely controlling iTunes. But if you own an Android smartphone, the chances to find an iTunes compatible app are very slim. TuneRemote however, is an Android application that is not only compatible with iTunes but also lets you control the player remotely through your phone.

Read on the following the 5-step guide to learn how TunesRemote can be used to wirelessly control your iTunes player.

Step 1: This is for Mac users. If you are a Mac user, you will first need to configure your firewall in order to enable remote controlling of iTunes. Go to System Preferences -> Security, then click on the Firewall tab. Click on the Set Access for Specific Services button and select iTunes from the Application list (click on the + to add application).


Step 2: This is the second step for Mac users and first for Windows users. Open iTunes and enter its preferences. In the Sharing tab, make sure the Share my library on my local network is checked. If you want tighter security, you can assign a password for the sharing.


Step 3: You can now start up TunesRemote on your Android smartphone. Most probably it will automatically find and add your shared iTunes library. In case the library is not automatically detected, you can manually add your library by accessing TunesRemote’s Manual Add option and entering your computer’s IP address along with the following pairing code: 0000000000000001.


Step 4: Now head back to iTunes where you will now be able to see an Android device option in the side pane. Click on this option and enter 0000 in the passcode screen; you will see a resultant screen confirming successful connection.


Step 5: You are all done. Congratulate yourself on being able to control iTunes through your Android smartphone. Now invite your friends over and show off your phone’s abilities.

You can search for TunesRemote at the Android Marketplace; if you cannot find it there, download the .apk from

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[...] How To: Turn Android Based Phone Into Wireless iTunes Remote Control [...]

Great post v. informative!

It works! Thanks!

Brilliant stuff.
I’d paired my phone to control my music myself before but it was a bit temperamental.
Had to manually add my library myself but still, after that, works a charm.

For those that read this and don’t know how to manually add your ip (and you’re using windows, not mac osx) do the following:

Click start > run. Type in cmd and hit enter. In the dos window that opens type ipconfig and hit enter and there’s your ip :)

Great tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for… you’ve just filled in the gap in my home audio setup. Thanks!

i followed your steps, but coult not get it to work, when entering the accsess code on in itunes on my mac it tells me that my “remote is now able to control iTunes” but my htc desire only shows the “0000″ screen again, and on itunes another device symbol shows up. i have tried several times now, but this is as far as i have come. do you know how to fix it? :)

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