Looking For An Online Media Player? Give Moof A Try

Looking For An Online Media Player? Give Moof A Try 1

How disappointed are you when you search for a song in your media player’s library and do not find it? Thankfully there is a solution to that – online media players. With an online media player, your media library is composed of all songs available on the web. You will almost always find the songs you are looking for.

If you are looking for an online media player, give Moof a try.

Like in most other online media players, you can easily search for any song on Moof. You start using Moof by creating an account on the site.



Once you create and login with your account, the player will load up within the browser.


You can search for songs using the search bar in the top right. If the song’s video is found on YouTube, a small video will be displayed in the bottom left. You can add any song to your Moof library to play it quickly next time you want to hear it.

Additional features of Mood include copying your iTunes library and listening to the songs in your iTunes library.
Overall, Moof is one of the more innovative online media players out there. It also provides a considerable level of integration with iTunes which many users will appreciate.

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