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10 Best Alternatives To Google Reader

If you are worry about the replacement for the Google Reader then you do not have to worry anymore because this collection is all about alternatives to Google Reader. No doubt Google Reader is one of the most important and useful tools from Google apps. So what if Google Reader is closing or shutting down, these days lots of good and outstanding replacements for the Google Reader are available in the market like the Old Reader, News Blur, Feedly, net Vibes and Pulse and so many.

By Akhter
BlogRadio: A Tool To Convert RSS Feeds Into Audio 3
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BlogRadio: A Tool To Convert RSS Feeds Into Audio

RSS feeds are a great way to catch up on website updates. You can simply have the RSS feed view all the latest material on a site without having to look for it manually. However reading many RSS feeds can get a little too tiresome for the eyes because of the extensive reading. To ease your management of RSS feeds, give BlogRadio a try.


Supercharge Your Google Reader & Read Your Feeds In Style With FeedSquares (Chrome Extension) 4
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Supercharge Your Google Reader & Read Your Feeds In Style With FeedSquares (Chrome Extension)

To read updates on the Blogger pages I am following, I use Google Reader. If you are unfamiliar with Reader, it is Google’s service that lets us read any Atom and RSS feed online or offline. Every since its main release in September 2007, it has been tried out many Google users and is now quite popular.

Although I am happy with the convenience that Reader provides (the ability to read all our Atom plus RSS reads on a single dashboard) I feel that Reader’s interface could be revamped and made more visually appealing. One tool that achieves this is FeedSquares.


How To Organize/View Your Feeds In A Magazine Like Start Pages In Chrome 5
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How To Organize/View Your Feeds In A Magazine Like Start Pages In Chrome

Recently I came across a great website titled Fav4. It provides users with a four thumbnail shortcuts to websites. The websites can be selected from a list of the most social media websites. Fav4 has an appealing look and can serve as a great clutter-free start-page for any user.

But what if I need a start-page that does not only provide me a link to my most frequented sites, but also extracts the latest updates from them and shows them all to me neatly? I asked a blogger friend about this and his suggestion was more than satisfactory: Feedly.


By Umar Anjum
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Create A News Aggregation Website With PHP RSS Reader

Imagine if there was a way to provide new, relevant content from thousands of different sources every minute, automatically on your website. How much more eager would a user be to come back for more? This is exactly why PHP RSS Reader was created, to give you the opportunity to automatically provide your users with an incredible amount of information in a compelling, simplistic format and provide this new, relevant content every single minute!

PHP RSS Reader is a full blown news aggregation script programmed in PHP that allows you to provide your users with fresh content 24/7.

By Chris Peterson
5 Websites & Tools Bloggers Should Know About 6
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5 Websites & Tools Bloggers Should Know About

While the job is interesting and one gets to discover the latest about the Internet, blogging is no easy task. “Time is money” could not be any truer for bloggers; impossible deadlines put us under harsh time constraints. Due to this constraint, bloggers are always actively on the lookout for the next great tool that can help us cut back on the time it takes to write our articles/reviews.

Bloggers who run their own website, on the other hand, are not under any critical deadlines – their worries are of a different nature. Taking constant care of their website and monitoring it is an absolute must for them; if a site owner’s website unexpectedly goes down, his/her income will be negatively affected.


By Umar Anjum