By AN Jay on October 16, 2010

Fantastically Creative Examples of Paper Art That Make You Say Wow

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Here we have composed an incredible assortment of Paper art to inspire you and let you see what other artists are doing with paper all around the world. Many people think that paper art only comprises drawing, sketching and painting but some talented artists have taken this ordinary form of art to the next level of creativity by involving innovative forms of cutting, folding, and carving. Enjoy this post!

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Carnival Paper

Fashion Shoot for WAD magazine

Paper Art

California Callie


Honeycomb, reverse

One Sheet of Paper Art


3D Pseudo Realistic Paper Sculptures

Ingrid Siliakus

Half Way Through


Paperland world

WanRayen- Paper Modeling

Carnival Paper

Play more


Train Time Machine

One dollar

Yulia Brodskaya

Icosahedron II

Gerard Ty Sovann Origami Bear

Paper Art

The Dance

Dendrite I

PHiZZ Dodecahedron

Baby Fugu (inflatable action model)

Mens et Manus II Origami

Autumn Wood



Paper Art

Art Action


Paper arts

One Sheet of Paper

Koch’s Ziqqurat Style

Paper Cups

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