Tired Of Photoshop’s Complexity? Try These Free And Easy Apps For Your Photos

Tired Of Photoshop's Complexity? Try These Free And Easy Apps For Your Photos 1

If you are tired of Photoshop and its millions of hardly use features? then try these. There must be something simple, light-weight, quick and easy photo-editing tools which also does not cost anything to use. So, luckily there are tons of web-based photo editors available. Well most are crap, but some are useful and attractive. Check out the totally free web-based Photoshop alternatives. I am sure you will be at least thankful to me or may be I will learn something more from you.

So, this post is for those who are a “confuse dot com” while using Photoshop. But yes if you are a professional graphics/art designer then yes Photoshop is for you.

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Photoshop Express


This is the gorgeous app made by Adobe and its has more features than any other free photo editing app. What I like the most about it? It gives us a free 2GB of space, so you can store lots of images there as well. Unlike the real Photoshop, this web version has no ability to layer or composite images.



This free and fast app makes our photos looks stunning with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. It fixes your photos in just one click, you can fine tune, corp, re size, rotate your images very quickly right in your browser and there are tons of special artistic effects to fun. It works on MAC, Windows and Linux. It also work with most commonly used browsers as well. So no download for it and nothing to install just go upload your picture and have fun.



flautR is for free to use however you need to register with them, which wont take a minutes or two I m sure. flautR offers a cornucopia of image tools, boasting thousands of photo effects. If you want to make your photo look like a cheezy painting or something then this is the place. They are linked up with Picasa, Flickr and Facebook so, you can upload and share your images right from that app as well.



Pixenate is the photo editor of choice for photo printing and photo sharing businesses.



Pixlr is a free online image editor, jump in and start edit, adjust, filter.



Picreflect helps you to give the reflection on any image, to resize your image, to make them tranparent or rotate them to any angle.

Resize Image

Resize Image

This free service will help you to re-size your images with basic and advanced options.



Pizap is a fun free photo editor that lets people easily create wacky images with their digital pictures. PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their favorite social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Bebo, miGente, Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, Tagged, and many more.

I have more apps to show but for that I need to see your interest first. So, if you are hungry and need more apps then yes give me a shout please and I will sure entertain you well.

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