Easily Share Videos To Facebook And Twitter From Your Cell Phone With Thwapr

Easily Share Videos To Facebook And Twitter From Your Cell Phone With Thwapr 1

Facebook and Twitter users who own smartphones often are on the lookout for applications that can complement their social media usage. One way in which our social media accounts can be made more active is by developing a simple method to record videos on our cellphones and then share them on our social media accounts.


To perform this function you do not need any fancy application to install. The only things required are a smartphone with a web browser, and the knowledge to use Thwapr.

Thwapr is a free website currently in its beta stage that facilitates users to share cellphone recorded videos on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Thwapr does not require users to install any applications. The procedure is performed simply using text messaging and the web browse.

To take advantage of this free service, users first need to create a free account on Thwapr (by clicking on the big green “Register” button on Thwapr’s homepage).

We then link our Thwapr account with our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Afterwards video sharing is simply a matter of 3 east steps.

Step 1 of sharing videos through Thwapr requires obtaining a video. There is no restriction that this video should be on your cellphone. It can be on your computer as well.


Step 2 involves emailing the video. The email process can be significantly faster if we create an email on the server of our mobile service provider. We can then use this email to send a message (with our video attached) to me@thwapr.com.

Step 3 is when we receive a text message notice that tells us Thwapr has finished processing our video. We can then view our final video and choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter.


Currently Thwapr works on more than 200 phones across major carriers in the US and Canada. If you are in the US or Canada, give Thwapr a try and use the comments to let us know what you think.

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