By AN Jay on August 17, 2010

The 7 Useful (And Unknown) Web Browsers That Are Worth A Try

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This is one of the very best list of its kind where you can find out of the box web browsers that you probably never heard of and these would be great enough to bookmark or just for knowledge. I hope everyone of you will like this list, you can try these whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc. These are really amazing in respect to their features. This is the list of The 7 Useful (And Unknown) Web Browsers That Are Worth A Try. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

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Lunascape is the world’s only triple engine browser. With Lunascape, you can choose the right engine at the right time, realizing a dramatic decrease in web-browser compatibility issues, long loading times, and messed up websites display. You need only 2 clicks to change your engine. Lunascape is 20 times faster than IE7, 6.5 times faster than IE8. And it stays up! We have gone head to head with well-known “fast” browsers, and have achieved one of the fastest JavaScript speed.


Browzar is based on the Internet Explorer engine, which means it’s such a small file that it only takes seconds to download. We’ve made it disposable; so you have the choice of keeping Browzar on your PC, or downloading it each time you need to protect your privacy. You don’t even need to install it. You can just click ‘run’ and go.


SlimBrowser is a fast and secure tabbed internet browser for Windows fully loaded with powerful features. It saves you the burden of completing web forms with intelligent form filler. The built-in popup killer and AD filter eliminates annoying advertisement effectively. The quick-search box provides you instant access to all kinds of search engines and allows you to easily define your own. The auto-login function enables you to log into your favorite internet accounts with a single click.


Camino is an open source web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users. With innovative features like Tab Overview alongside security features like phishing and malware protection, Camino 2 is the safest, cleanest Camino yet.


K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser based on the Gecko layout engine developed by Mozilla which is also used by Firefox. K-Meleon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License and is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

xB Browser

xB Browser is the most popular free and open-source anonymous web browser in the world. With xB Browser you can securely and anonymously surf the internet, and bypass firewalls and website censorship.  xB Browser also has advanced features such as SSL MD5 RSA certificate vulnerability detection, DOM object and flash cookie protection, cross-site scripting attack prevention, user-agent cloaking, and java proxy control. xB Browser also detects and disables malicious browser addons that are hidden in the windows registry.


Flock is faster, simpler, and more friendly. Literally. It’s the only sleek, modern web browser with the built-in ability to keep you up-to-date with your Facebook and Twitter friends. You can share web pages, photos, and video. It can update your status and make comments—from anywhere on the web!

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I have sorted out almost 22 browsers of this kind ..

i think camino is good amung these to try………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As a web designer I understand how important it is for us designers to provide a web design service that people of all computer levels can use and enjoy… one of my main goals when developing my site is to make sure it previews perfectly in all major browsers, including IE6. Thanks for sharing this list I will take a look at each of them and begin to consider how my websites could be viewing on them.

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