Sendy: Self Hosted Application To Handle Your Newsletters

Sendy: Self Hosted Application To Handle Your Newsletters 1

Sending email newsletters is an effective way of communicating with your audience, but can get pretty expensive if you have a large one. Sending to a list of 10,000 cost $200 or $105 on different mail sending services. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send the same email with the same (or higher) deliverability rate for just a dollar?

With Sendy, you can. A new contender in the email newsletter market, Sendy is a self hosted application, unlike hosted solutions many are used to.

What is Sendy and why is it a good alternative?


Sendy is a self hosted web application that uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) as its sending engine. The cost per thousand emails is only ten cents! You’ll be riding on an email infrastructure built over the years by Amazon to serve its own large-scale customer base. Amazon SES takes care of SPF, Sender ID policy checks and DKIM-sign all outgoing emails.

To take advantage of this, first you need to get Sendy. At a one-time fee of $40, you will have your very own email newsletter service. The savings you get from sending via Sendy will pay for itself many times over.


Amazon does one thing and does it well; delivering your emails. Sendy complements this by providing useful features to enable successful email campaigns. Here are some of the features:

Lists & subscriber management


No matter how large your subscriber base is, you can easily import them using a CSV file. To continue building on the list, use a simple subscribe form or the API to sign up more users. You can choose single or double opt-in for any list, send a thank you email after they’ve subscribed etc. Overtime, the subscriber graph will show you how you’re doing.

Manage multiple brands


This is useful if you manage multiple products or brands. Say you have Product A and Product B, you can group subscribers in their respective “brands”. The great thing about this is that you can also create logins for your clients to access their own brands. They can then send newsletters on their own at a price you set. If you run a web design gig, the idea of including email marketing as part of your offering now seems more feasible.

Beautiful looking reports


Sending emails is only half the fun. The excitement of being able to see where your emails are going, right down to who opened and which links they clicked makes email marketing fulfilling and insightful. On top of this, Sendy also handles unsubscribes and bounces automatically.


Overall, Sendy looks to be a viable alternative to current hosted solutions. Instead of being bounded by monthly plans or expensive pay per use fees, you can own an email newsletter service hosted right where you want it. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.

The developers are constantly improving Sendy with new features with every update.

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