Get Fast Access To All Your Google Tools In Chrome With MyShortcuts

Get Fast Access To All Your Google Tools In Chrome With MyShortcuts 1

The main reason for me to shift from Firefox to Chrome was the speed and performance it was offering me. At first it really didn’t had any extensions and I was not able to improve my work productivity but as soon as the extensions hit the market I was one of the many people I know who migrated from Firefox to Chrome.

I had been doing my research on some of the Google extensions and stumbled upon a super add-on known as “My Shortcuts” which grabbed my attention and after testing it I can easily say it is the best Chrome extension I have ever used to handle Google tasks. It allows you to access your favorite Google application with just a click of a button.

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To get started with My Shortcuts click here and then click “Install”.

My Shortcuts

This will add a new icon on right top hand side of the browser.


By clicking this icon you will see a drop down menu with all the tasks you can perform such as New Email, Google Contacts, New Doc and much more with just a click of a button. Here is how this drop down menu looks

Drop Down Menu

Now for example if I want to manage my Google contacts, all I will need to do is click on Google Contacts. This will open a new page where I can easily manage my contacts.

Google Contacts

Similarly sending a new email is just a click away. As soon as I clicked “New Email” it opened a new page where I can write/send my email.

New Email

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I would personally recommend my readers to get this extension because it really is a time saver and promises to improve your productivity.