SolidShops Hosted E-Commerce Software Subscriptions Giveaway

SolidShops Hosted E-Commerce Software Subscriptions Giveaway 1

SolidShops is running a contest, where 5 winners will get the 1 year subscription of SolidShops hosted e-commerce software. Well, you guys know what is SolidShops? Let’s say it once again for n00bs.

SolidShops is an extremely user friendly hosted e-commerce platform for web designers and their clients. Way too often, open source software like Magento or OScommerce disappoints when it comes to user friendliness, not to mention creating themes. On top of that you’re stuck for hours uploading and patching files to finally realize you still have to take care of backups and encrypted payments.

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SolidShops Hosted E-Commerce Software Subscriptions Giveaway 2

With SolidShops you can have a secure store up and running in just minutes, even on Facebook. That’s right: SolidShops also supports building out unique Facebook stores which can be customized to your liking by using custom HTML and CSS.

SolidShops Hosted E-Commerce Software Subscriptions Giveaway 3

Popular payment methods like PayPal, Google Checkout,, Ogone and others can be set up in no time.

This contest will run from October 3, 2011 to October 8, 2011 and we will select the winners randomly by running MySQL query. Result can be announced any day before October 15, 2011 so keep visiting here or subscribe to our rss feed to get the latest updates. To participate in the contest and win SolidShops hosted e-commerce subscription, All you have to do is :

1. Just leave a comment.

2. Use valid email ID in the email box.

3. Make sure that you are following @Solidshops and @SmashingApps on twitter and subscribe our rss feed to track this contest and for future updates.

4. And that’s it!

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So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s participate in the contest and good luck!