Let’s Share, Collaborate And Communicate With Glasscubes

Let's Share, Collaborate And Communicate With Glasscubes 1

Glasscubes brings together a collection of online collaboration tools which facilitate better team working and improved communication. It will help you to replace email or existing methods of collaborating by using their online collaboration tools that simply enable users to improve how they work together. Glasscubes is perfect for small/medium size organizations, teams and people organizing projects.


Glasscubes takes project management online and using a combination of features and tools addresses the key challenges faced by project managers. Their version control feature is perfect if you need to work from the latest version of a document, and need to find it quickly. Rather than having multiple versions scattered across multiple computers and email addresses, keep them stored in one place – and always keep the latest version available. You can then comment – sending notifications at any stage.

Built-in contact management systems allow users/organizations to improve the way they manage their contacts. Often a little simpler than traditional customer relationship management systems, contact management systems focus on delivering improved ways of managing your contacts. Improving your contact management is proven to save time and money.

Organisations across the world meet with many obstacles. The latest is ensuring your are prepared for significant downtime this winter due to swine flu (H1N1). If predictions are correct, nearly 30% of the national workforce is going to be struck with it (and that’s before we consider parents who are required to be at home for sick children). What is important therefore is having a resource in place, such as an online intranet solution which can be securely accessed from anywhere by any computer – ensuring your employees can still communicate and work – even when they are unexpectedly away from the office.

Salient Features

– Share files and documents
– Branded workspaces
– Online discussions
– Online document editing and previews
– Share online workspaces with project contributors
– Share any size or type of document
– Calendars per project and per individual
– Tasks to manage key milestones
– Facilitate online discussions
– Make announcements
– SMS and email notifications
– Manage individuals and companies
– Track sales opportunities
– Manage customer issues
– Manage call backs, meetings and progress
– Create your own custom fields
– Import contacts from any .csv file

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