It won’t be promoted… but Made popular 3 min ago

It won't be promoted... but Made popular 3 min ago 1

Maybe the title is confusing for all of you but I believe the images below will be more confusing. Right now, I am showing you something very shocking that I noticed on There are so many loves and hates moving around related to digg but the snapshots below show that the current stable version of digg still have errors and issues.

The first image below clearly says that the story “$10M X Prize Announced for Solution to Gulf Oil Spill Crisis”  could not succeed when it came in the digg trending story this morning and digg failed it to get on the home page, as per the message says ” Failed! just like nu metal, this trend failed. It won’t be promoted. But it was not the case. So, what’s the case then? see the second image. I am not sure if it does matter but this story was submitted by Jay Adelson who worked as Digg’s CEO for five years and recently left out.

For those who don’t know what is digg trending story, click here to read in their own words.


Yes, in the image below digg says that story made popular 3 minutes ago which is weird, isn’t it? I dont understand that if the story was failed and won’t be promoted then how come it made popular.


This case forced me to think if digg algorithm is still alive or we are a part of community which is not credible anymore. Maybe it’s because that trending at is still in beta but they must consider this seriously. I am hoping will not penalized us for bringing this case to the world.

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