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What Is UberTags’ Cloud-Based Tag Management System?

Let’s say you manage a website. You want to track how people are getting to your site. So you paste snippets of codes called tags for Google Analytics and/or a number of other analytics services.

You also want to track the success of your marketing. So you add Google Adwords and Bing conversion snippets/tags on just your Thank You page. Maybe you add a few other conversion tags from the hundreds of other places you could advertise.

And you’ve heard that others get good results from retargeting campaigns, so you test a few different retargeting vendors, putting each of their tags on your homepage and Thank You page. Oh, and you don’t want to spend money advertising to existing customers, so you place another retargeting tag on your logged-in pages.

Congratulations To The Winners Of UberTags Subscription 1

Wanting to provide top-notch support, you place live chat code snippets on all of your support pages so you can chat with visitors. Other tags you might use include popup surveys, widgets, toolbars, hello bars, visitor recording, heat mapping, and ad serving.

All in the course of managing your website, you’ve add dozens of 3rd party tags to various parts of your site.

Here’s The Problem:

Each 3rd party tag slows down your site a bit so before long your site’s a slow as a snail.

Often times you’re waiting forever and a day just to launch a simple code snippet because you’re waiting for IT to add the tag and for the next release cycle.

And then you lose track of which tags are firing on which pages, creating an operational nightmare if you ever need to update a tag or migrate vendors.

UberTags Solves All This.

It’s dead-easy to use.

UberTags loads your tags asynchronously, which improves your page load times. There have been a number of studies showing that small improvements to page load time drive conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

You can launch tags in minutes without waiting for release cycles. It’s all done through a browser. So go ahead and launch that retargeting campaign RIGHT NOW.

You gain a centralized list of all tags used across your site. That makes it easy to test things, migrate vendors, and ensure you’re not loading tags you don’t need.

Using UberTags

All you need to do is add your UberTag across your site. Then, you can manage all your tags and configure them to fire on the right pages via a browser. If you’re so inclined, you can also do fancy things like event-driven calls on AJAX pages or logic-driven tag calls.

UberTags Is Perfect For…

Ecommerce websites

Content websites and blogs

Corporate websites

Web apps

Agencies wishing to better integrate with client websites

Anyone else who wants better control of a website

UberTags Features

See all your tags in one place

Add new tags in minutes

See what tags are firing on a page

Launch tags across multiple websites, sitelets, domains

Loads tags asynchronously, improving load times

Test in lower level environments before pushing tags to production

Expiration dates (with notifications) for a built-in decommissioning strategy

Multiple users per account — keep track of who made what changes

Render tags to specific parts of the page — great for widgets and ad serving tags

Advanced javascript calls for logic-driven calls and AJAX pages

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