The 69 Coolest Apps Of 2010


12 Responses

  1. Kennedy says:

    Certainly a great list. I have especially loved using wix. A real winner! 🙂

    My list for great softwares-

  2. Website optimisation says:

    Wow, some exciting apps here

  3. Kimba Green says:

    A great list! Thanks!

  4. Pascal Coolen says:

    Great list of interesting online applications. I have just a comment about has it has been blocked by my protection system as this site is caterorized as “Spyware / Malware Sources”. Could you confirm it is safe to pass over the warning ?
    Cheers, and best wishes by the way.

  5. Ruby says:

    Great list. I really like Elmedia Player. It’s fantastic!

  6. jesse says:

    Wonderful list which saves me time and finding new apps that I dint know about. Thanks!

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