40 Extremely Shocking Advertisements

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25 Responses

  1. Scanner says:

    Those anti-war images have come a long way from the old 60’s peacenik posters.

  2. Landon Baine says:

    Intense ads!

  3. david kutcher says:

    Wow! Great ad’s. I wonder how true to these adds are the folk that made them.
    Do they only do things like this or was this a nice break to the normal ad’s they create?
    Never the less these are great, scary but great!

  4. Habibies says:

    The baby one is not Good 🙁

  5. Deansdale says:

    6 ads about domestic violence, each and every one of them depicting men as sick abusers and women as innocent victims. Statistics though show that women initiate more than 50% of domestic violence, so I reckon these ads are more than just simply one-sided, they are clearly misandristic. This feminazi hatred towards men is not trendy any more. Some interest groups just keep on spewin’ it but their intent is obvious now.

  6. Mondo Print Louisville says:

    Wow. Very inspiring and persuasive.

  7. oeza says:

    Ads like this are problematic and are not too good i believe there are other ways ads can be created and be persuasive and not problematic.. quite creative though!

  8. Ralu says:

    good collection of ceative ad’s

  9. Charles says:

    wow I can’t believe some of these. but sometimes you have to be extreme to get the message across.

  10. vicky says:

    photoshopped and disturbing…

  11. Juliana says:

    some of them are really creepy! like babby one….><

  12. yushi says:


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