Let’s Create Smart Reminders Right From Your Email With Task.fm

Let's Create Smart Reminders Right From Your Email With Task.fm 1

Task.fm is a realy simple reminder and task management tool. Just use task.fm to create reminders that can be dilivered via sms, email or voice call. Task.fm is smart enough to understand your natural lnguage so you don’t need to bother entering daters manually. Instead, just type something like “meeting with bob next Tuesday at noon” and they will pick out the date, time and event automatically. You can create reminders on the task.fm site, through email or Twitter. Task.fm is free and allows you to create an unlimited number of reminders.


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Task.fm is smart and can understand hundreds of date & time formats. This can works with Twitter and can create reminders by sending them a Direct Message. Another good option is sending reminders to others is as simple as CC’ing a contact.  Task.fm includes a built in to-do manager so you can create unlimited lists.

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