Dimdim Exits Beta, Releases Source Code, Launches SynchroLive

Dimdim Exits Beta, Releases Source Code, Launches SynchroLive 1

Firm simultaneously releases full source code; delivers on promise to enable the world’s least expensive and easiest web conferences


Dimdim, the world’s open source web conferencing company, today launched its new Dimdim 4.5 edition and simultaneously released the complete source code to the open source community.  With this release, Dimdim officially exits its beta phase while introducing significant new customer-requested features designed to enable businesses, organizations and consumers to cut the costs of their expensive legacy conferencing products while enjoying improved performance, openness and ease of use.

“Especially in this current economic climate, there is no justification for proprietary, closed, or support-heavy technology that costs you in multiple ways,” said Prakash Khot, co-founder and CTO of Dimdim. “With our new Dimdim 4.5, there now exists a solution that enables everybody to communicate online in the most efficient, synchronized and cost-effective way ever possible. Dimdim simply removes the need for needless travel, complicated web conferencing and unnecessary downloads.”

Today, Dimdim also introduced the new SynchroLive™ Communication Platform that automatically scales its performance to ensure all live communications are synchronized; whether sharing the desktop, webcam, PowerPoint, whiteboard or web pages. SynchroLive ensures superior performance, security, and always-on reliability, enabling a whole host of collaborative activities that have never been possible before. SynchroLive Co-Browsing is one example of this innovation at work: it is now easy to share your web browsing experience with multiple people. Simply start a Dimdim room and send anyone your room’s URL. Now as you scroll through any web page SynchroLive lets your guests see what you see as you navigate, scroll and click through web pages at will. For example, a meeting host can view a YouTube video and every attendee will immediately see this video play in their browser. Simultaneously attendees can chat, talk, and see the presenter live using just their browser.

Dimdim Pro 4.5 starts at only $99 per year for an unlimited number of meetings and requires absolutely no software download. It takes only one click to start or join a web conference, which can also be recorded and shared with others as a URL or an embeddable code which can viewed via any blog or website. Dimdim also offers a free hosted service for meetings with 20 or fewer people and provides an both onsite and hosted enterprise-class products which meet the needs of very large organizations. Dimdim is currently in use by more than a million people worldwide.

Synchronized with the release of Dimdim 4.5 is the launch of “Liberty”, the latest Open Source Community Edition based on the new commercial hosted version. To commemorate its launch, Dimdim has released Liberty’s complete source code under a GPL3 license with no limit to the number of attendees, meetings or mashups that can be created. To ensure setup is as easy as possible, Liberty is also available as a downloadable VMWare Virtual Appliance.

Dimdim’s commitment to open source software development is supported by integrations with industry-leaders:

• Zimbra: Dimdim now offers a free zimlet for Zimbra’s open source email system;
• Moodle: Dimdim is integrated with version 1.9 of Moodle’s Course Management System;
• SugarCRM: Dimdim is integrated with the leading open source customer relationship management system,
• Claroline: Dimdim is embedded within with the collaborative learning environment.

About Dimdim

Dimdim – the world’s easiest web conference – empowers anyone to deliver synchronized live presentations, whiteboards and web pages and share their voice and video over the Internet – with no download required. Dimdim provides multiple free, commercial and open source versions capable of supporting thousands of attendees per meeting and is used by millions worldwide.  Use Dimdim to reduce the cost of your existing web conferencing bills, save time, travel and trouble while protecting the planet from harmful carbon emissions.  Dimdim is backed by the original investors in Skype, Hotmail, and MySQL and is based in Boston, Mass., with offices in New Hampshire, Canada and India.

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