By Akhter on May 14, 2013

20 Most Creative And Unusual Bookshelf Designs

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Bookshelves are designed in our homes, schools, offices, libraries and companies to keep books, office files and other documents at place. Today, bookshelf is not just a piece of furniture rather it has also taken a form of art. Creative and artistically designed bookshelves showcase the creative and designing skills of the creator. The first and foremost thing in bookshelf design is the usability along with creativity. Unique and creative bookshelves designs look so beautiful and give your room or office a very sophisticated and educated look. Such designs of bookshelves also inspire others to have a library at their place.

Therefore, we have compiled this post for your inspiration so that whenever you design your next house or room, you can consider these bookshelves designs. all of these creative bookshelves designs are user-friendly as well so that you can easily keep and store your books because usability is the most important thing that should be kept in mind when designing a bookshelf.





Furniture from Francesco Passaniti

Saba Italia

Celebrity Equinox: Library

Polar Bear Shelf

The Infinity Bookcase

Original Bookcase Design Inspired by a Tree





Lununganga shelves

Mazzali: “M40″ wardrobe and bookcase

Curly bookshelf

Wall of books


Twin Shelves



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The infinity bookcase is really great. I could see that as a part of my home decor for sure.

I love the first one:Yellow! but all of them are awesome!

A beautiful creative force behind these designs that points to the slower ways of perception. Holding books, arguably a vanishing source of ways to tune in to the slower waves of life.

The round red space design really hit my child love for the simple, friendly, and somewhat alien look.

The Circle bookcase would be inspirational. It might actually get me to put my books and DVDs back on the shelf where they belong. Creative website design CT

The circle bookcase… WOW! What I wouldn’t give to have a bookcase like that. It’d be a good center piece for a room too.

These special ideas of creating a bookshelf are soo great! I would definitely buy some ;) I really like the Saba Italia…great design and usability for the reader!

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