By Umar Anjum on September 29, 2011

10 Strong Reasons To Switch Over To Firefox 7

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As we know Firefox has changed the way we browse the internet. To make it sure they always stay a step ahead from its competitors. Firefox continuously release updates to fix bugs and any other known issues. Their recent release is the new Firefox 7 which brought exciting new features and updates to the browser. After testing it out we have come up with at least 10 solid reasons why you should get Firefox 7 right away.

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Completely Free

Firefox is completely free. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to download and use the service. Mozilla is a completely non-profit organization whose aim is to improve browsing experience of readers.


Mozilla Firefox works on all operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile devices as well.

Bookmarks Manager

Firefox is highly customizable. If you are switching from any other browser, you can import your bookmarks without any problem using the built in bookmarks manager.

Memory And PC Resources Management

Firefox users had complains before that the software uses too much memory and PC resources. Now, Firefox 7 manages memory in an efficient manner and reduces memory usage by almost 20%-30% and in some times as much as 50%, even if you have many tabs opened.

HTML5 Support

Firefox 7 is equipped with an improved rendering Canvas application which speeds up HTML5 objects, animations and games, which allows developers to work on tools to improve browsing experience of users.

Page Loading Speed Checker

Firefox 7 also supports W3C navigation timing specification allowing developers to test their page load speed easily.

Performance Feedback Tool

Another reason which might make you switch to Firefox is the newly introduced telemetry feature, which prompts users to opt-in reporting performance data to Mozilla. This will help Firefox team to optimize and make improvements in future Firefox releases.

Add-ons Compatibility 

One issue many people had before was that as soon as a new version of Firefox is released, it’s old add-ons become useless till they are updated by developers and made compatible with the latest releases. With Firefox 7 release, Firefox team claims that 99% of Firefox 6 add-ons will be compatible with Firefox 7. If you want to test add-ons compatibility, you can install Add-on Compatibility Reporter to check which plugins are compatible and which are not.

Simple To Use

It’s small and easy to install for a person who don’t know anything about computers.

Easily Customizable

Its highly customizable and you can change the look of it according to your own preferences by applying different themes.

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I use Firefox for my web development, but I’ve grown accustomed to the speed of Safari, and Firefox doesn’t deliver.

Completely free, bookmarks manager, HTML5 support, simple to use… Are these somehow FF7-specific? Tell me which modern browser doesn’t have these features.

Firefox really is jsut cool like that and it knows it.

i agree with pretty much all of them, especially the memory usage. i switched to chrome some time ago because firefox was basically slowing my computer more down than every pc game and while chrome was okay – the firefox 7 still runs faster now

agree FF 7 now much better than ever, but one addons to keep me using FF downthemall

Link Bait!

I honestly thought I’d somehow clicked an old link or something when this came up in my news feed. I’ve used Firefox from the early days, before they turned into the very thing to which they were supposed to be a superior alternative. I hang on to the installation because of the Scrapbook extension. However, it grinds to a halt so often that it has become automatic to switch to Google Chrome mid-session, when I can take no more of it’s greedy resource hogging and inexplicable problems that don’t exist in other browsers. Even IE can be an improvement on Firefox at times.

I love using Firefox. Have been using Firefox over 8 years now. I think it is a simple browser & most user friendly.

Most of the reasons i assume are lame, cause nearly every other browser have HTML5 support,bookmark manager and yea completely free.. Opera, Google Chrome, Safari tell me which is not in the list for this?
Even I am a Firefox fan, and the best part is Firefox addons. :)
You must write some really good article regarding firefox addons.

hugely funny that its a page for reasons to switch to firefox, and there’s a google chrome advert. lol

Somehow the old version of Netscape was slow. This new one is pretty fast! XD

hugely funny that its a page for reasons to switch to firefox, and there’s a google chrome advert. lol

I love firefox but am getting concerned about how often the upgrades are coming and then the incompatibilities that throws up for my addons

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