By Umar Anjum on August 3, 2011

7 Applications To Help You Hide Images And Videos On Android Phones

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Are you looking for an effective way to hide personal pictures and media files on your phone from others? If yes, then your search ends today! We have gathered a list of 7 excellent Android apps that will help you password protect your pictures and various other files on your phone.

Gallery Lock Pro

Gallery Lock Pro is a must have android app for all those who are looking for a way to encrypt their galleries. Users can easily lock photos and videos and can even hide the app launch icon. The application can be downloaded from the Android Market for $1 but if you want to try the application before buying, you can download the lite version and test it.

gallery lock pro

Download Gallery Lock Pro

File Cover

File Cover is another excellent application which can help users set a password on their folders and images. Users can even hide pictures and other media files so that they can view it privately. Users can even share the hidden files with friends and family via email or MMS. The application is available for download in Android Market and a free version is also available for those who wish to try application with limited features.


Download File Cover

Free Data Vault

Free Data Vault is an excellent free android app which can help users hide any data type including photos and other media files. This application is different from other applications which allow users to set a password on different folders as it allow users to hide one photo in another and store the fake image on the sd card.

free data vault

Download Free Data Vault

Video Safe

Video safe is another useful android application which helps users lock different video files on your device. However, the user must buy Video Safe License for unlimited use. You can download Video Safe Free from the link given below and if you like the application, you can purchase its license.


Download Video Safe

Kii Safe

With Kii Safe, users can easily lock their photos and they will disappear from the gallery. Only you will be able to view the contents of any folder or locked images.


Download Kii Safe

Gallery Private

Gallery Private is a free application for android devices which allow users to password protect photos and videos. The files encrypted with Gallery Private will still be locked even if the memory card is removed from the device.


Download Gallery Private

Image Lock

Last but not least, Image Lock is another free android application which can help users lock photos with a password. The locked images cannot be viewed by anyone until and unless they know the password to unlock the photo.


Download Image Lock

If you know about any other application which can be used to lock photos and media files on Android smartphones, please share with us.

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I am use it in my site, Good plugin.

Also i am share this, my social account.

I am following you, since today :)

Good luck man !

Great list. i tried free data vault before on my nexus s. Will definitely give gallery lock pro a try…

fantastic list. added it on my bookmark list.

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[...] 7 Applications To Help You Hide Images And Videos On Android … Aug 3, 2011 … 7 Applications To Help You Hide Images And Videos On Android Phones. Don't Forget to participate in … [...]

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If you want to be sure someone doesn’t simply remove the SD card and view your files, use a newer app that really encrypts your images and videos like Vault Gallry Pro (Android Market). This one has a decoy login screen as well.

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I think you have Great site. i will bookmark this one. thanks

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