By Akhter on June 20, 2011

50 Truly Eye-Catching And Detailed Web Layout Tutorials

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An eye-catching web layout can help capture the attention of your potential customers by giving them a feel of confidence and trust. Designers mainly use Adobe Photoshop to create beautiful and stunning designs. Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphics software that is being employed all over the world.

Here we are showing 50+ most useful tutorials of Adobe Photoshop that show you the creation of beautiful web layouts by the sole use of Photoshop. We hope that you enjoy this collection.

Full Photoshop Web Design

Web Layout for Italian Restaurant

Create a gritty portfolio layout

Nature Portfolio Layout

Design a Clean Corporate Website Layout

Design a realistic website layout in photoshop

How to Create an Effective Coming Soon Page

Design a Heavily Textured Portfolio Website

Create a Professional App Store Web Layout

Learn how to create a Grunge Portfolio Layout

Create a cool Travel Agency layout

Create a Blog Web Layout With 3D-looking Elements in Photoshop

Create a Beautiful and Elegant portfolio in Photoshop

Create a colorful wordpress layout using Photoshop

Photography portfolio

How to create a recipe template in Photoshop

Urban layout perfect for Web Design Company

How to create an elegant business psd template in Photoshop

How to design a law/justice website in Photoshop

3D Studio

How to design an elegant website in Photoshop

How to design a health/nutrition or a fitness website in Photoshop

Design Agency Layout

Elegant, Wallpaper style template layout

Learn how to create a stylish/elegant web layout in Photoshop

Old paper layout

Create a minimalist web site design in Photoshop

Create a Valentine’s Day Layout with Photoshop

Learn how to create a website layout in Photoshop

How to create a trendy/colorful wordpress layout in Photoshop

Learn how to create a Sports Car layout in Photoshop

How to design a professional website for your school, college or university

Design a Sleek, Professional Travel Blog

Photographer layout

Personal Portfolio Layout

Create an Amazing Layout Using Textures

Design a Cool Textured Portfolio Website

Design a Quick and Clean Portfolio Website

Design a Trendy Yet Professional Website Layout

Create a one-page iPad/iPhone application web layout using Photoshop

Interior Design Layout

Create a Food Blog Layout in Photoshop

Web 2.0 Professional Blog Layout Tutorial

Chopper layout

Code a Textured Outdoors Website

Create a cool and trendy grunge web layout in Photoshop

Create a green energy website in Photoshop

Create a Real Estate Web Layout in Photoshop

Cheerful Website Interface in Adobe Photoshop

Elegant and Simple CSS3 Web Layout

Create a Web Application Website Design in Photoshop

Create a Vibrant Professional Web Design in Photoshop

Create an Elegant Patterned Web Design in Photoshop

Design a Modern Blog Layout in Photoshop

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As a community can we just automatically discard and reject any “tutorial” that uses “Welcome to My Site” in the content of the artwork?

thanks for the share, a lot of these sites are great. Great load of inspiration!

[...] Smashing Apps erhaltet ihr Zugang zu 50 Photoshop-Webdesigns für die unterschiedlichsten Einsatzzwecke. Vom persönlichen Blog bis hin zur Ecommerce-Website [...]

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I think finding the right layout for your design can be quite difficult. Some of these tutorials are great, however the way some of the columns are lined up with the navigation or banner area, doesn’t quite work (which is a pet peeve of mine). I think the most common layouts are 2 column, or 3 column, I know this can sometimes get a bit boring but it all depends on how you split the elements on your page, a good example of this is the ultimate designer toolkit, where the page is a 4 column layout but the sections are split using notebook style design and tabs. I think it’s a good idea to experiment with layouts as long as things line up!

nice sharing, great post!


Great load of inspiration!

great layout. thkan you

Thanks for sharing these cool

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used graphics software that is being employed all over the world.

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