By Umar Anjum on April 8, 2011

10 Free Web Services You Should Definitely Be Checking Out Right Now

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Everyone today who surfs the web needs some cool tools to make their web surfing experience better. We often need help in areas such as inspecting web pages for the content we need, speeding up the page loading times, and so many other things. From tweeting endlessly to making and playing YouTube playlists, we need the web surfing space to be more convenient for us. Today we’ll be looking at a few apps and web services which you can use to enhance your web browsing experience.

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Page Speed from Google Labs

This new experimental tool from Google Labs examines your website or personal blog and then gives you a deep insight into what can be done to improve the loading performance of your page. It is a very useful tool for all web masters as it gives users actions to perform based on a priority list. A must try free tool for use for all who want to improve their website performance.


TweetWhen is a tool for enthusiastic Twitter users. It analyzes your Twitter re-tweet patterns and then gives you a trend analysis about which time of day you get the most re-tweets. Beautiful line graphs tell you the optimum time to get most re-tweets. Optimum for bloggers who want their blogs/articles re-tweeted.


Ever wondered on how you could create your own YouTube video playlist and watch all those great videos which you love in succession. With b00mbox you can do that. B00mbox allows you to quickly select, drag and drop all your favorite videos and create a playlist to share it with friends and even ask if they liked your effort or not.


In the era of wikis, Parkopedia brings an ingenuity. It is the Wikipedia of car parking. It contains, possibly the most comprehensive collection of parking area maps on the globe. You can search about parking maps according to cities, specific localities and much more. Parkopedia also has Android, BlackBerry and iOS apps to help you find that sweet parking spot while on the move.

Almost all of us have these days subscribed to multiple social networking websites e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace etc. is a web service which lets users manage all their social network profiles from one single dashboard and update them/share stuff with others across all profiles with a single click. In order to use, you have to signup for a free account.

CSS Pivot

Are you a blogger who wants to quickly add CSS styles to your blog but don’t want to spend much time/money on it. Try CSS Pivot. This simple website with no fee can allow you to add styles in no time at all. A great and useful tool for all website owners out there.


Beetailer allows you to bring your business to Facebook and market it to an audience of millions for its promotion. Beetailer provides tools for analyzing how well your business is doing. Unfortunately, Beetailer is not free, but the level of service it provides, it’s well worth it’s charges.


If you’re a blogger who is looking to establish yet another blog, or you’re anybody else who just wants to find a suitable domain name for their website, then Rewordious is the place to go. It takes input from you in simple thoughts on what you want in your website and provides you some great domain names based on your requirements. This tool can be really helpful in deciding website addresses and ease a lot of pain off you.

Team Crossword

Bored of the work at office? Play crossword puzzle with your friends. You can start multiple puzzles and can try to solve them alone or invite your friends to help you solve the puzzle. Puzzles of different complexities are available and you don’t have to necessarily finish what you started. You can leave the puzzle for others to complete.


If you’re someone who needs to share files with others on a regular basis, goPileus is the website to visit. You have got nothing to do except dragging and dropping the files you want to share and they will be instantly shared. Moreover, you can create boxes to keep your shared filed stored for a long period of time for future reference.

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