Awesome (Yet Free) Web Apps To Make Project Managers Lives Easier

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  1. lee stevenson says:

    Thankyou oh so much these apps are great, you have made my day well done and thankyouxxxxxx

  2. Maria Korolov says:

    I would also recommend Comind Work — — which has a free plan, and is a nice project management interface, with Gantt charts. — Maria

  3. Ryan says:

    No mention of ProjectPier ( or DotProject? there are many great open source / free options

  4. Tony says:

    The overviews of some really don’t describe the product: “You start work on a project by first creating an account on the site. After logging in you can create and name a new project.” How do they compare? Any major features that sets any product apart? Being able to name a project doesn’t sound like a set-apart feature to me. Cheers..

  5. sd12013 says:

    There’s also a good one that’s an open-source project called Open Atrium. It’s really good for project management with great inter-team communication and support, but not so great with printing reports. If you don’t care about printing, give it a try.

  6. sd12013 says:

    This is a good resource for comparing features too:

  7. Mike Thomas says:

    ehhh… they ain’t FREE (yet free!)

  8. Rob says:

    ……free to try maybe…. is another good FOSS solution.

  9. Mariusz says:

    For Kanban-based (pull-based) approach, you can also check out Kanbanery –

  10. Fred says: can also be recommended here. Free account, realtime news, data analysis, collaboration

  11. Agnes says:

    My beloved – the best PM tool I tried. So powerful and simple.

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