By Umar Anjum on April 8, 2010

10 Excellent Applications To Organize Yourself

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Do you face problems scheduling a get together or remembering your chores? If yes then you are one of the countless people who need a little extra help to better organize themselves.

Over the course of my blogging I have written about various programs and tools that help us improve our schedules and to-do lists. Here is a list of 10 of those programs which I feel all “people like us” can benefit from. Read each entry in the list, use whichever suits you best, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Colorhat lets us create a free account, then add and record times which we take for particular tasks. We can later view our time graphically. This procedure is a great help in self monitoring and helps us better/lessen the time we spend on particular times.



Rootein is a great way to create and mantian new routines. We can add a new routine, feed in our progress for the upcoming days, and if we keep up our routine for 21 days in a row, then we are good to go with it and no longer need Rootein to help us out.



OpenProj does not need much of an introduction. Imagine being able to get your hands on Microsoft Project for free; that is precisely what OpenProj aims to be – a free and competent alternative to Microsoft Project which is the industry standard for Projeact Leaders when it comes to managing a project.



Notefly is a desktop application that can help us maintain notes. In those notes we can store whatever we want including our chores’ list and to-do lists. We can even use the application to email our notes to us or share them on our social media accounts.



WhenIsGood is an ideal web application to schedule meetings and get togethers whether it is with friends or your colleagues and coworkers. With this application all attendees to a meeting can upload their available date so that the host can choose the date most suited to everyone.



Tungle is another web application that serves the same function as WhenIsGood. Unlike WhenIsGood however, we need to register for a free account on Tungle.



Osmo is a desktop application with a basic interface that competently handles your tasks and schedules. It is rich in features (including multiple calendars) and lets us manage our dates, tasks, contacts, and notes.

Digital Janitor

Digital Janitor

Having our computer organized can lead to greater productivity as we can find our files and folders faster. Digital Janitor is file+folder sorting desktop application with a great interface. This entry is obviously different than the others in this list but it will surely help you better organize your computer and increase your efficiency on your machine.



Scribbly is similar to Notefly. It lets us easily store our notes with timestamps, and then email them to any address we want.



If you execute a specific task on your computer every day and it takes up quite some time of your schedule, then you can use DoItAgain, a great desktop application. This application records a particular task and provides users with a shortcut. When that shortcut icon is opened, the recorded task is automatically performed no matter how many additional mouse clicks or keyboard-key presses are required. This procedure can save us a considerable amount of time.

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Great list. You should add more PNotes (

I often use PNotes . That’s very useful tool.

[...] 10 Excellent Applications To Organize Yourself Submitted by Nirhana [...]

Great list – organizing leads to higher efficiency.

[...] 10 excellent applications to organize yourself [...]

So many programs to organise myself. What should i use to organise my programs?! I’d rather stick to my Google Calendar :)

For notes I use Stickies, great application

So many programs to organise myself. What should i use to organise my programs?

Nice resources, thanks!
There’s also a great and free online to-do list that Seth Godin once recommended located at
Super simple and well designed. :)

I think openProj would work really well for me. Thanks for sharing.

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