5 (Free) Handy Business Tools That Employers Can Totally Make Use Of

5 (Free) Handy Business Tools That Employers Can Totally Make Use Of 1

Starting one’s own business involves several tedious tasks, employee management is one of which. To manage one’s employees and other human resources, their work hours, pays etc. give an employer hard time along with normal business operations. The IT industry once again comes to the rescue of the regular employer as tools now exist which can help employers perform the job of HR management easy. Today we’ve compiled a list of five such tools, so check them out:


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HRLocker is low cost HR management software designed for managing employee record and things associated with it. With HRLocker you can streamline annual leave and absence management, manage HR documents online, organize time sheets and generate reports. HRLocker comes with a lot of customization options as well.



An online workforce management system, ShiftPlanning is an all-in-one application which combines employee scheduling, payroll and communication tools in an intuitive and easy to use interface. ShiftPlanning integrates all the apps which can be used in this regard as well e.g. Excel, Word, Google Docs etc.



TaskBin a to-do list manager which helps one manage their tasks and organize them in an orderly fashion. It features a single window pane displaying all tasks to be performed along with detailed info. Also, tasks can be shared and progress of tasks of other people in the organization can be viewed. TaskBin features mobiles access as well and has great security features.



Phonebooth is business phone system designed to be simple, feature rich and cheap. It offers facilities like nationwide and long distance calls, virtual attendant setup, groupings for different departments in the organization, voice mail and audio conferences.



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Not entirely a management tool for employers, but idlekeyboard is surely a thing to look out for. It is an online tool which plays ambient sounds and keyboard strokes in a continual loop making anyone look busy. It is a fun to try thing, especially in situations when you’re busy in work and also want to show people how busy you are. Recommended for all employers and employees!