By AN Jay on August 19, 2008

SQL Buddy, A Web Based MySQL Administration With An Ajaxed Interface

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SQL Buddy, A web-based MySQL administrator with an Ajaxed interface was designed to meet the demands of modern web developers and its completely open source and free for everyone to use.

SQL Buddy

SQL Buddy uses the MySQL user table for authentication. Therefore, you can get started right away by using users that already exist. Most people will want to login as root because this level of permissions is necessary for certain tasks (like adding users, for example). However, you can login with any user that you wish.

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This is definitely one of the best applications i’ve used to manage my SQL Databases locally. Although there is still room for some improvement on it but I guess that’s where the OSC comes in. I must admit I don’t think i’m going to ever use PMA again purely because well… SQL Buddy kicks its arse to Kathmandu.

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Apples and oranges. phpMyAdmin is a tool for power users and sysadmins, and has been in active development for over a decade. SQL buddy is well built, for shure, but it is definitely not comparable.

Wrong… SQL Buddy has all the same features, they are just easier to find, run faster and look better. It also works very well on large scale databases and can import / export large files – which chokes PMA every time.

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