SQL Buddy, A Web Based MySQL Administration With An Ajaxed Interface


6 Responses

  1. Paul Chater says:

    This is definitely one of the best applications i’ve used to manage my SQL Databases locally. Although there is still room for some improvement on it but I guess that’s where the OSC comes in. I must admit I don’t think i’m going to ever use PMA again purely because well… SQL Buddy kicks its arse to Kathmandu.

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  4. Appel says:

    Apples and oranges. phpMyAdmin is a tool for power users and sysadmins, and has been in active development for over a decade. SQL buddy is well built, for shure, but it is definitely not comparable.

  5. pearjam says:

    Wrong… SQL Buddy has all the same features, they are just easier to find, run faster and look better. It also works very well on large scale databases and can import / export large files – which chokes PMA every time.

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