Sally Park Lets You Find Your Car Any Time With Your iPhone

Sally Park Lets You Find Your Car Any Time With Your iPhone 1

More than once I have had trouble finding my parked car. I am sure you have too. Whether we park our car in the huge parking lot of a superstore, or in the assigned area outside a rock concert, or at the airport’s parking, remembering where exactly we parked our car can be quite a challenge.

Some people’s memory is great at this and they keep mental notes of nearby landmarks or hints, like signboards or parking rows. Other people get near enough to their car and sound off their car alarm using a remote; they then follow the sound to their car. But for iPhone 3GS and iPad users, by far the most convenient way to find our car is by using Sally Park.

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Sally Park is an application for iPhone 3GS and iPad; to run properly it requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later. Sally Park is a multilingual and can be used in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Essentially Sally Park is a GPS application adapted to facilitate people who are in the abovementioned situation.

So how does the application exactly work?

A user installs Sally Park on their iDevice. Then whenever they park in a not-too-familiar area and there is a chance they will face troubles finding their car, they take out their iDevice, open the application, and record the current location through GPS technology.

Gps Info

On their way back to the car, users can get the iDevice out and use Sally Park’s GPS and compass to guide them back to their car. This guidance includes a neat to-scale map which indicates our current location and that of the car; our distance to our car is also shown. Notes and pictures of nearby objects can also be added to location to facilitate finding our car.


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Sally Park is available from the App Store for $1.99 only. Click here to visit its link.