National Geographic Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit, Grow 6 Crystal Trees in Just 6 Hours


Size 6-Tree Crystal Kit
Theme Trees, Educational
Age Range (Description) 8 years and up
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.24 x 2.37 x 10 inches
About this item
  • GROW CRYSTAL COVERED TREES – Watch as crystals start to grow in minutes from the branches of the included evergreen, cherry, bonsai, and dragon blood trees like magic! The 6 trees will be fully covered in crystals in as little as 6 hours.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE COLORS – Color each tree any way you’d like with the 5 watercolor pens in the kit, and grow crystals in the colors you’ve chosen. It’s a craft project and crystal kit all in one!
  • REAL SPECIMEN INSIDE – After the crystals are grown, you’ll enjoy examining the genuine geode specimen in the kit! A full-color learning guide is included and is packed with fascinating facts about crystals. This STEM craft kit is unforgettable!
  • COMPLETE ACTIVITY SET – Because the crystals absorb the ink from the markers and grow in the colors drawn, this kit combines the science of a crystal-growing lab with the creativity of an art project, making this a great activity for girls and boys.


Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit

The National Geographic Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit combines artistic creativity with science! Color your six crystal trees any way you want with the included watercolor markers. Once you add the crystal-growing solution, you’ll see crystals start to form like magic within minutes! The crystals will take on the colors you’ve chosen for your trees, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit includes: 6 tree bases, 2 dragon blood trees, 2 bonsai trees, 1 cherry tree, 1 evergreen tree, 5 watercolor pens (purple, pink, green, orange & blue), 3 bottles of crystal growing liquid, an instruction booklet, 1 genuine geode specimen, and full-color Learning Guide packed with facts about crystal growth and more!

The fast-growing crystals in this Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit bring immediate excitement as you watch them start to grow in minutes. Plus, if your crystals fall off, simply add them back to the tree base with a little water and regrow your tree!

Crystal Tree Forest Craft Kit

National Geographic Crystal Forest

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