Now Embed Free Online Photo Editor In Your Website With Picmeleo

Now Embed Free Online Photo Editor In Your Website With Picmeleo 1

Picmeleo is a free online photo editor that any third-party developers can easily add Picmeleo to their web service and launch the light-weight yet powerful photo editor whenever their users need to to upload or to edit an image. By adding Picmeleo to your web service, you can now engage your users with even richer content. This is the smartest way to let your users upload and edit images for your service.

Unlike other photo editors, Picmeleo opens within your site and your users never leave your service.. Integration and ease of use. Everything about Picmeleo is designed for easy integration to your website. The lightweight editor does not clutter your service and you can also fully customize Picmeleo’s tool box.

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Open Editor

The editor can be launched anywhere in your layout by calling the method. Your open link could look like this:

<a href="'')" >Open Picmeleo editor</a>

Pass the url of the image if you want the editor to open with a default image. Omitting the url will open an empty editor


Simple Integration

Integrating Picmeleo to your website couldn’t be easier. Just copy a few lines of embed code and Picmeleo is working on your site!

Custom Tools
Unlike other photo editors, you can customize the tools of Picmeleo any time you want in the online admin interface. Sometimes photo editors can be overwhelming. Picmeleo allows you to pick the tools your users really need. Choose from a growing list of tools including Crop, Scale, Rotate, Auto-fix, Filters and many more.
Multilanguage Support
Picmeleo has built-in multilanguage support and you can easily set the language in the online admin interface. We are still working on different language options at the moment, stay tuned for more.


Picmeleo can be utilized in numerous places. Think of these examples:

  • social network
  • let your users crop their profile images

  • eCommerce
  • let your users enhance their product images during upload

  • photo gallery
  • let your users easily edit your images online without leaving the site

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    The possibilities are endless…