High Quality Full Color Printing With PrintRunner

High Quality Full Color Printing With PrintRunner 1

Suppose you are attending a business conference and someone asks you for your contact details. Now either you will search for a blank chit of paper and a pen and then write out your email address, your contact number, your office’s address and so on and so forth on it and give that chit to him or you can produce a nice, shining business card from your wallet. Which is better? A business card can save you a lot of embarrassment on such occasions. And why just a business card? Imagine inviting people to your child’s birthday party without a proper invitation card; or sending a gift to someone on Christmas without a greeting card. If not embarrassing then these things are surely not proper. The other person might feel that you don’t care much about him.

So let’s say you are considering getting some cards printed but are contemplating which company to choose to get the job done. You may check out PrintRunner.


PrintRunner is a quality printing company located in Van Nuys, California. They are in business from the past 10 years. The company which started with a little more than a small press is today one of the most promising quality printers in Southern California, with an office which stretches for over 25,000 square feet, a Facebook page with more than 21,000 followers and a Twitter handle with just under 4,000 followers. PrintRunner provides its clients with the best possible value in high quality full color printing at a reasonable price. They print a variety of products ranging from business cards to postcards and from stickers to banners.

PrintRunner provides four types of services.

1) Graphic design

PrintRunner does not only print designs but can also create them. If you don’t have a design then PrintRunner’s design team can help you get one. All you have to do is to fill in a form with as much details as possible about the type of design you are looking for. You can also append some blue prints or rough sketches that you may have about the design. Then PrintRunner’s designers will review your material and will contact you with any questions that may arise. The first completed proof will be sent to you within three business days. In case you don’t like it or want some things to be changed you can order up to three revisions. In this entire process you will be having a direct conversation with the design team and hence you will get what you want. PrintRunner can also then print the design as per your requirements.

2) Mailing

Is your marriage approaching and you want beautiful marriage invitation cards to be designed, printed and dispatched to your guests? PrintRunner will save you the hassle by doing everything themselves. Yes they also offer mailing services. All your cards will be printed and sent in less than five working days.

3) Custom prints

Of course a business card requires a different size and look than what a birthday invite would require. Even a specific type of card can be, and is, created in different ways according to the different needs of people. For example some people prefer their business card to contain sharp edges while some other like them to be rounded off. PrintRunner allows you complete flexibility in choosing your design through its custom prints feature.

4) Free file check

Not all electronic documents are suitable for printing. A printer (a human whose job is to print things, not an electronic “printer”) first converts the respective document into a format which will produce the best quality printing and only then will hit the “print” button. PrintRunner offers you the free option of checking your document’s details that whether they will produce a good print or not. They will review the print resolution of your file; whether it is an acceptable file format or not; is it in a suitable color mode or not; etc. This service is free i.e. even when you are not getting anything designed or printed from PrintRunner, they will still review your file.

I have already mentioned some types of products that they create. Now let’s see some more of their products in some more details.

Vinyl banner and signs

These are weather resistant products designed by PrintRunner so that those heavy rains and those annual strong winds won’t corrode your ads. These banners and signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. As the heading suggests, PrintRunner uses vinyl in their construction which are ideal for all surroundings and they will also add up grommets or pole pockets which will make them easy for installation. They can be delivered in three business days, or if the need be, in two business days.


I usually order my books from an online store and they provide free bookmarks with every book I buy. I never throw those bookmarks away as they are quite useful for me and I keep them in the books. When my friends see my books that store gets an automatic publicity. You see? Bookmarks are an easy and cheap way to advertize your business. PrintRunner allows you to get your bookmarks printed on three popular sizes – 2” x 6”, 2” x 7”, and 2.5” x 8.5”. You can apply your specifications and choose your paper between 14 pt. cardstock or 13 pt. 100% recycled paper.

Brochure printing

Brochures are indeed one of the most popular methods of advertising for a business. You can place them on the shelves attached to the entrance wall of your office so that people can pick them up or you can get them distributed manually in a place where large crowds converge. PrintRunner offers you seven options in choosing the card fold in your brochure printing. See the images below for two examples. There are, of course, other options too like choosing the color, paper, etc.



Besides the type of prints mentioned above, PrintRunner offers many more types. Go and check out the website for further details and let me know what do you think about PrintRunner in the comments below.

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