15 New And Awesome Developer Icon Sets

15 New And Awesome Developer Icon Sets 1

The icons you get for your computer’s shortcuts are separate from developer set icons. While creating a program, web application, or website developers have to come up with small images for buttons, shortcuts, etc. The icons used here come in the form of developer icon sets.

You can find many free great developer icon sets online. They often come in ZIP files; the images contained in the archives can be used in private projects by the developer; some of the icon sets allow the developer to use them in commercial projects as well. Below you will find 15 of the best developer icon sets you will come across on the web.

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1. Cologne – Download


2. Boolean Icon Set – Download


3. Berlin – Download


4. Macchiato – Download


5. Vector Pictograms / Icons – Download


6. Wireframing Developer Icons – Download


7. Hamburg – Download


8. Project Icons – Download


9. Spirit20 – Download


10. Payment Icon Set for E-Commerce Sites – Download


11. Social Buzz Icon Pack – Download


12. Mobile Icon Set – Download


13. Vector Graph Icons – Download

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Or you can alternatively download AI Version here and Download SVG Version here


14. Gesture Icons – Download


15. iPhone App Icon Set – Download