By Akhter on October 13, 2011

Creatively Designed Collection Of Unique Business Cards

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Business cards represent your professional identity. With a creatively designed business card, businessmen and entrepreneurs can promote themselves among other professionals within and outside of their field. A business card is usually engraved with name, designation, address, telephone number and the logo design of the company. But one can use the creativity and imagination to make his business card stands out from the crowd.

Today we are featuring a collection of some extraordinary shaped business cards that one cannot forget easily. We hope you enjoy this assortment and get some inspiration for your own business card. Feel free to share your opinions, just drop us a line and let us know your favorite business card. Enjoy!

M. Brady Clark

Yoga One

Sergii Bogulavkyi

Ken Speckle Gifts Business Card

Mixtape Generation

Adworks Media

Thielen Designs

Guilherme Lepca

TAM Cargo


Norburn Model Aircraft Supply

DJ Mohit


Beata Faron

Laptop Design Business Card

Howl Fire

Eduard Cehovin

Rubber Stamp

Dept of Energy

Derek Royer

Emerson Taymor Business Card

Sergio Delgado


Courtney Danforth

Branded Business Cards

Fantastic Toys

Glammer Education

Meat Card

Ninja BTL

Bottle Opener


Broke Bike Alley


Ninja Business Cards


Circuit Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Brian Moore

Usb Card

Hand Business Card

Personal Business Car

Kero Tudo

Wood Cutting Card

Dara Blakeley


Business Card

Rubber Band Business Card

Flow Yoga Business Card

ED Business Card

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These business cards are very creative but I doubt that they should be used for formal events such as business conferences or interviews. That’s not something that could be use for that in my opinion. However, it is very appealing to the eye and it could be something that is exchanged between friends.

The amount of creativity and imagination that goes into the above is remarkable (I’m a finance guy, so can certainly appreciate it when I see it, since I don’t have it!) and is also inspirational.

Will definitely leave an impression!

Thanks for sharing.

I love receiving business cards in these kind of formats. To receive one is like a breath of fresh air and if anything it increases brand recall for that business or person. I received a Christmas card a few years back which opened up into a 3D paper snowflake globe (from Australia Post – Open Up to Mail) and it has become a talkpoint among collegues and clients, ever since.

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They didnt seem like Business cards. They more looked like Fancy cards. Not sure if business people really use these kind of business cards!

not to hijack this thread but im thinking ofusing this company to do marketing on my blog does any no anything about them, they are located in london so im told. i cant find any reviews on them – Rod Gardner and Associates, 19 st Helens Gardens, London, W10 6LW – 0207 558 8957


I love that TAM cargo ‘box’ business card – this definitely gives me some ideas on how to get creative with Card, contact details and something a little bit different ;-)


Those are stunning – makes mine seem so mr boring corporate

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