By Akhter on July 20, 2011

40 Examples Of Creatively Integrated Social Media Links In Web Design

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Social media is progressing extremely enormously and is becoming a crucial aspect of marketing as more and more business taking advantage of it. Integrating different social media networks with your website not only drives a huge traffic from these sites to your own website but also lets you promote your goods and services on almost at negligible cost. The key is to do it right!

Here we are showcasing a collection of some excellent examples of websites that have very well-integrated social media links to their web designs so that they appear as the integral part of their own web design. We hope that this collection will inspire you a lot to integrate social media links to your website as well.

Daniel Marques


Wild Bills Soda

Who is Leon



Me in Motion

Denise Chandler

Ryan Scherf

Carol Rivello

Pineapple Thief

Whats Up Cupcake

Giovanni Rana

Healthy Harvest Hydro

Edgepoint Church


Freshlime Soda

Aran Down

Carl Rosekilly


The Many Faces Of

Ricky Ryan

Fully Illustrated

Andrina peric

Icon Moon

Intrinsic Studio


Empire State Recordings

Born with Design

Simple Art



Taming the Wolf


Envira Media




They Makeapps

Veerle Duoh

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Making people aware that you are on social media networks is important, especially for designers. I really like when people integrate social network icons on to their sites and make it part of the design rather than something just plonked on the footer. I think customised social media icons are the best as it shows that the designer has taken the time to create something unique for their site, and which follows the style of the design. I especially like the Makeshifters website with the little sheep and the Facebook air balloon.

Most designers now are starting to incorporate social media to any website they build. The goods ones are standing out by creating unique and cool icons, logos, and images of their own. I especially like the tapbots twitter icon!

These websites are all nicely done up through social integration. I think it has become a norm for all theme creators to integrate social media buttons and icons into their themes. Some do it better than others, but they all seem to have the capability.

This is outstanding collection, thanks for sharing

Nice examples.

Thanks for sharing these cool collection of apps.

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Nice collection of lots of creative ideas. Web designing is an art as much as it is a science.

These designs are really creative & thanks to you for collaborating all those at one place for us to view. Thanks again.

Great collection. I like the Fresh Lime Soda one, integrates into the product them.

When these are tiffany and co, the excitement just gets doubled.

I think these are some very creative designs for social media links. When designing your social media links it is important to also make them stand out enough that they get noticed. It’s not just enough to make a well-blended link, but it also has to gain enough notice that people will actually bookmark or share your content.

I’m going to spare more time learning about this topic

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