10 Robust Services To Determine How Fast Your Web Page Loads


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  1. Art says:

    Really good valuable information here in this post. How fast your webpage loads determines your ranking, bounce rate and a lot of other factors that can kill a websites potential. Thanks for listing services that can help.

  2. Bagsion says:

    It’s very useful for the webmaster.Thanks very much!

  3. cheap web designer says:

    Thanks for sharing..

  4. web tasarım izmir says:

    thanks, but I can add Chorome developer tools to this list

  5. Jeremy Referencement says:

    Exactly the tools I needed a few days ago but ended up doing a Google search.

  6. Cadoetik says:

    Generally, i use GTmetrix, but this list seems quite exhaustive. I will give it a try and see results.
    Thanks for these tools.

  7. qwe says:

    Remember that you ought to seldom run or more firewall products side-by-side. In case you plan to switch to of the products below, make sure that you disable Windows Firewall and any other firewall you have installed first.

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  8. qwe says:

    When installing CIS, deselect the Install Antivirus option in the event you already have an appropriate antivirus solution installed. In the event you are using an elderly version of Discount Office 2007 Pro Plus Vista Ultimate Full Retail the CFP or CIS you ought to upgrade to the latest version as this will increase stability and reduce memory footprint. Windows 7 users ought to make definite they install version five.9.x or later.

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  9. Shane says:

    Thanks for the tools,it’s very useful for me.

  10. a123456 says:

    Prototypes from ARM partners, Qualcomm, California Instruments, & NVIDIA, together with method builders Wistron, Foxconn, & Quanta, were shown off. The Qualcomm & TI devices were both tablets, the NVIDIA tool a traditional clamshell laptop computer. An AMD Llano-powered laptop computer was also on display, as was an Intel-powered method. The ARM units all billed as development devices than anything that will reach the market, but show that the program is jogging on ARM-powered machines, & looks identical to its x86 counterpart.

    Not long after showing off the new Windows 8 touch interface at the D9 conference, Microsoft gave another demo at Computex in Taipei. Where the D9 demo had been about the program, & used regular Intel processors, the focus at Computex was on the hardware: Windows 8 was jogging on a range of system-on-chip (SoC) designs, including those with ARM processors.

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  11. Swamykant says:

    Pingdom and Google Speed Online are two excellent tools. Others also seem to good. Thanks for share 🙂

  12. شات الطائف says:

    Thanks for sharing these cool collection of apps.

  13. peogao says:

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  14. peogao says:

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