By Umar Anjum on June 24, 2011

10 Online Note Taking Web Services Every Internet User Should Know About

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Majority of people take notes while surfing the web to jot down ideas, bookmark websites, use notes as reminders and much more. There are certain software available as well for Windows but many people prefer not to install them as  they may hog system resources. To solve this problem, we have gathered a list of some worthy online note taking applications which one can use.

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PrivNote is a free online note taking applications which you can use to jot down ideas or for any other reason. The best thing about PrivNote is that it generates a specific link for the Notes you create so that you can share them with your friends and family. Once the recipient read the note, it will be deleted automatically. It even notifies you once the recipient has read the note.

The service is absolutely free and you dont have to go through long registration process if you want to use it.


Evernote is one of the best online note taking applications right now. You can take notes anywhere from your computer or your mobile and sync them. You can then access the notes from any device you have access to. The best thing about this service is that you can even install its desktop client as well if you are satisfied with it. You can access evernote on your iPhone, iPad or Android device as well.


Listhings is a simple and easy to use online note taking application which can be used by users to bookmark sites on the go or write down importants tasks while working. Listhings is one of the easiest web based note taking services I came across. You can even save your notes by creating an account on Listhings and then access them from any computer you use.


With Jjot, users can take multiple notes at the same time and share it with their friends, family or colleagues. You can either create an account on Jjot to save the notes you write or continue using the unregistered version of the tool and share it. Like other services, users can access the notes from anywhere by logging in


Ubernote is an excellent online note taking service with many exciting features apart from taking notes online. With Ubernote, users can send direct messages through Twitter and save them as notes on Ubernotes. Other main features include Firefox Toolbar for Ubernote with which you can clip different websites, save bookmarks and much more. UberNote is mobile compatible as well and you can take notes on your mobile devices by opening and save them. If you like the service, you can even subscribe to Ubernote’s paid plan which include many features which are not available in the free version.


Penzu is an online diary and personal journal that is focused on privacy. With Penzu, you can take notes or use it as your daily diary where you write all the stuff and make your own ToDo lists or any other note. You can use Penzu on all major mobile OS including iOS, Android and Blackberry.


NoteFish is a nifty note taking web service which helps users take notes, gather research, write ideas, save bookmarks and much more. With NoteFish, you can drag and drop notes, colorize or annotate notes and share them with your friends and colleagues. To use Notefish, you have to make an account so that you can use Notefish’s full functionality.

Google Notebook

Google Notebook is an excellent web application for all those who take notes to save bookmarks or for any other purpose. Best thing about Google Notebook is that you dont have to create a separate account to use the service, you use your Gmail account to access this web application like all other Google Apps.


MyNoteit is another excellent web 2.0 note taking application with which you can create notes, drag and drop notes to rearrange them, edit and share them with your friends or colleagues, manage To-do lists, add notes to built in calender and much more.


Memonic is an excellent free online note taking web app. With Memonic, users can easily take notes online, clip web content and add it to their notes, share them and print them. You can even sync the notes across different computers and mobile devices so that you can access them anywhere. One drawback of Memonic is that it only allows you to save 100 Notes and if you want to take more notes, you have to subscribe to paid version of Memonic.

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How in the world did SpringPad not make this list?? Way better than Evernote, in my opinion. And Google Notebook has been a dead project for a long time.

SpringPad is amazing –

I would also add tiddlywiki is great too.

Where is simplenote? It syncs with the notational velocity application, stores in plain text to make it forever-format-proof, and it works.

If you want to mention journaling diary type apps, I really dig

Nice tips with step by step instruction. Complete with picture also. I think it useful for us.

[...] while surfing the web to jot down ideas, bookmark websites, use notes as reminders and much more.Show original No Comments [...]

Add a . not only note taking but also putting images and Todo lists on multiple boards ;)

I always forget things.. this will be very helpfull.. is worth checking out for taking meeting notes. My only concern is what they might do with the email addresses they collect, especially since it’s free.

Complete with picture also. I think it useful for us.

thank you so much. forever Google Notebook :)

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Excellent post, many thanks for your efforts.

Hey, cool blog! Thanks… ;)

SpringPad is great, but I get tired of people comparing it apples to apples with Evernote. I use both and for completely different purposes. They are not the same.

Thanks for sharing these cool collection of apps.

Didn’t Google discontinue Notebook?

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