55 Cleverly Designed Creative Logo Designs With Negative Space Technique

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11 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    I liked some of these.

  2. Superb post and an awesome collection. Many thanks for sharing this useful resource. Kudos 🙂

  3. Mr.Z Lee says:

    Cool! I like the “Unique Idea”,it is great.I hope i can design some cool logo like that

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  5. very nice logos… congrul…

  6. Just to let you know your site looks really strange in Firefox on my Linux .

  7. These logo designs are very clever. I read a blog a little while ago about logos not having to literally translate the name or business type, as it looks slightly cheap. But these logos cleverly do both successfully. I like the hidden imagery and translation of the company’s name with the combination of typography and imagery. It takes a lot of thought to be able to combine multiple images and text to portray a business type and name all in one. Dig a Safari are good examples of combing imagery and type, the imagery is very subtle and you have to look closely to see the images within the text. I really like the Help for African Children Initiative, the silhouettes of children making the coastline of Africa is simplistic yet effective!

  8. The parallax effect is a personal favourite of mine and an effect that can really engage the viewers attention and add real depth to a site and best of all it doesn’t rely on flash. The first time I came across this effect was the Nike better world site which I still think is probably the best example of the parallax effect on a site. I also like how the Esteban site have used it to create a layered effect similar to that of a theatre stage. I think this is an effect we’ll continue to see more of in the future.

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