Top Ten Of The Best Add-ons That Can (REALLY) Rock Your Firefox 4


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  1. TogWoo says:

    OK, wow, I never really thought about it like that before.

  2. nebulashop says:

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  3. Webmaster Forum says:

    Would be nice if you could search directly in the nav bar like with Chrome.

    But InstantFox is a worthy alternative for sure. I can get used to typing the g 😛

  4. Scented Sachet says:

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  7. Anneka Mistry says:

    I love Firefox addon’s they make life so much easier! Although I don’t have any of the ones you’ve put in your top ten. I think the ones I would find most useful are Apture and FoxySpiders. My favourite addons for Firefox are Firepicker, Measureit, Yslow and the one I couldn’t live without Firebug! For all of those developers who sit there using a piece of paper to make sure things are lined up on your website check out FoxGuides, it works like Photoshops guides!

  1. May 4, 2011

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